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Who's to say what qualifies as an adventure? It can be big or small. It can involve old or young people. It can go on for years or be done in a moment. It can be daring or safe. Shared by many or involve just you. It might be successful or a valuable lesson learned. It can take place far, far away or in your backyard. We believe that everything you see as an adventure is one!

We simply love nature and hope to inspire you to enjoy an active life in the great outdoors.


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Sören Kjellkvist - Row to Russia for Equality

Row to Russia for Equality

Sören Kjellkvist

Adventure in short: Rowing a small open boat from Stockholm to Russia.
Adventure starts: 7 June 2014
Adventure lasts: 4-6 weeks

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Katinka Mühlschlegel, Axel Perschmann & Finja - A Rock climbing Road trip in Down Under

A Rock climbing Road trip in Down Under

Katinka Mühlschlegel, Axel Perschmann & Finja

Adventure in short: Travel and climbing with a small kid.
Adventure starts: 19 February
Adventure lasts: 7 Months

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Chris Lucas - Yukon Assignment

Yukon Assignment

Chris Lucas

Adventure in short: Paddle the Wind River through the wilds of the Canadian Yukon.
Adventure starts: 26 July 2014
Adventure lasts: One month

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Dario Idzakovic - Everest Basecamp

Everest Basecamp

Dario Idzakovic

Adventure in short: Visit the highest mountain in the world.
Adventure starts: 3 October 2014
Adventure lasts: 4 weeks

Unfortunately will Lena will no longer blogg at due to administrative circumstances.

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Floriane Lamy & Romain Hénot - Games and Stakes of Worldwide Playgrounds

Games and Stakes of Worldwide Playgrounds

Floriane Lamy & Romain Hénot

Adventure in short: Create a collection of plays and games from all over the world.
Adventure starts: 24 April 2014
Adventure lasts: 18 months

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Lena Reutergårdh - Back to Afghanistan

Back to Afghanistan

Lena Reutergårdh

Adventure in short: Cycle from Sweden to Afghanistan.
Adventure starts: July 2014
Adventure lasts: 6 months

Unfortunately will Lena will no longer blogg at due to administrative circumstances. You can follow Lenas adventure here.

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Martin Lučan, Michal Tuhý, Stanislav Selecký & Andrej Marko - Iceland Coast to Coast

Iceland Coast to Coast

Martin Lučan, Michal Tuhý, Stanislav Selecký & Andrej Marko

Adventure in short: Walk cross Iceland, from south to north.
Adventure starts: July 2014
Adventure lasts: 20-25 days

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Hanna-Cajsa Forsberg - My Pearl of Africa

My Pearl of Africa

Hanna-Cajsa Forsberg

Adventure in short: Volunteer trip to participate in the Golden Monkey research project
Adventure starts: 21 July 2013
Adventure lasts: app. 13 weeks

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Annika Widmark - Team Vildmark Adventures

Team Vildmark Adventures

Annika Widmark

Adventure in short: Set monthly family adventures
Adventure starts: 1 February 2013
Adventure lasts: One year

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George Kourounis - The Eternal Flame Expedition

The Eternal Flame Expedition

George Kourounis

Adventure in short: Document and photograph the unique and dramatic flaming gas crater of Darvaza
Adventure starts: Late June 2013
Adventure lasts: app. 2 weeks

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Jade Sevelow - Flying Solo-Belize

Flying Solo-Belize

Jade Sevelow

Adventure in short: Solo adventure going where the wind takes me, learning how to travel with strangers, and navigate foreign countries with a smile and a high-five.
Adventure starts: 14 August 2013
Adventure lasts: 28 August 2013

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Rosemary Harrison - Hampshire Scout Expedition Nepal 2013

Hampshire Scout Expedition Nepal 2013

Rosemary Harrison

Adventure in short: Mountaineering Scout trip with 12 teenagers (age 14-19) and 3 leaders - all under 25 years old
Adventure starts: 30 August 2013
Adventure lasts: 6 weeks

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Tim Moss - Around the World by Bike

Around the World by Bike

Tim Moss

Adventure in short: A couple who will escape the hectic London life and cycle from UK to Australia - back across US
Adventure starts: Late August 2013
Adventure lasts: One year

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Stefan Erlandsson & Erik Grafström - Nordic Endurance Cross The Atlantic

Nordic Endurance Cross The Atlantic

Stefan Erlandsson & Erik Grafström

Adventure in short: World-record attempt to row across the Atlantic within 40 days
Adventure starts: 2 December 2013
Adventure lasts: 40 days

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Light My Fire - Helene Nilsson - Outdoor Academy Scandinavia - Kayaking in West Sweden

Outdoor Academy Scandinavia - Kayaking in West Sweden

Light My Fire - Helene Nilsson

Light My Fire is one of five companies of SOG (Scandinavian Outdoor Group) who participates in OAS between 22-26th September. Heléne Nilsson, our Coordinator of Fire, is going as the Light My Fire's representative and she will bring a lot of fire to this outdoor adventure. The group will paddle on open water through the beautiful archipelago outside Göteborg.

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Graeme Esarey - Pacific Cup

Pacific Cup

Graeme Esarey

Graeme Esarey is not just working for Industrial Revolution - the US distributor of Light My Fire, he is also a skipper and will be sailing the Pacific Cup - a race from San Francisco to Hawaii, 2070 nautical mile (3000km+). There are about 50 boats racing this year, with a variety of boats from 8m up to 20+m long, some with professional crews, some with families. All of them share a common dream: to race a sailboat to a tropical paradise. The boats race non-stop across the Pacific Ocean for 10-14 days. Read here about Graeme and his team of seven on Kotuko!

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Christoffer Nordin - Tour du Mont Blanc

Tour du Mont Blanc

Christoffer Nordin

This has been something I've said many times over the last couple of years: "Next summer I will walk Tour Du Mont Blanc". And every year something has come up that has created an excuse to postpone it. Not this year! The trek starts in Les Houches and takes you on an epic journey around the Mont Blanc Massif, covering around 170 kilometres and an accent/decent of some humbling 10 000 meters. The route is walked anti-clockwise and takes approximately 7-10 days (depending on how good the pasta is in Cormayeur). The path takes you through France, Italy and Switzerland. And back to France. To add a little to an already strenuous activity Christoffer has decided to do this trip solo and instead of using the huts along the route he's going to camp in the wild. Christoffer has worked with Light my Fire for a couple of years. Starting out as responsible for the development of their digital strategy and platform. So it's comes natural that he will be blogging during this adventure. Bonne chance!

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Caspar Odqvist - Siberian Black Ice Race

Siberian Black Ice Race

Caspar Odqvist

Caspar Odqvist is 40 years old, living in Edinburgh since many years. As you can hear he is a part of the Odqvist family, the founders of Light My Fire. He is also a member of the board, running Light My Fire Ltd and Nordic Outdoor. Since a couple of years he has found the beauty of running. But not the fancy city races, oh no it should be hard, tough and dirty - that is the spirit of Caspar's. With his will, an energy that is unbelievable, he is an inspiration to all of us. Last year Caspar decided to join the Siberian Black Ice Race, a 500k race over Lake Baikal. The time has now come... Read about his crazy adventure here.

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Helene Nilsson - Climbing Aconcagua

Climbing Aconcagua

Helene Nilsson

Heléne Nilsson is 29 years old and for the last four and a half years she´s been working for Light My Fire Sweden. As a "Coordinator of Fire" and with product development on her table, she never leaves her home without a Spork in her pocket. Her heart beats extra for running and mountaineering. To mention two things, she has been running New York Marathon and climbing Kilimanjaro. She always has a new goal and adventure in her mind, with an urge to reach higher and challenge her ability. In November 2011 she decided to climb Aconcagua, taking place in February 2012. Aconcagua is the highest peak in America and the second highest peak of the Seven Summits. Read more about her adventure here.

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