Now he is on his way...

At 10pm last night, Caspar set off for London by bus to start on the Extreme World Races 'Siberian Black Ice Race'.   What a great way to start off a 500k challenge on ice and snow at temperatures that would make a polar bear cold - hours sat in a bus travelling through mist and fog that managed to cause delays.

Why would he put himself through all of it?  The distance.  The biting cold.  The effort of having to pull a sled that's almost your weight over slippery ice that creaks and groans with the weight.

According to Caspar it's mainly because he wanted to see if he could do it.  Back in the (cosily) warm office here we think he was just wanting an excuse to try out some of the kit we sell properly.

Whatever the madness, we wish him well and all the good luck he can find out there on the ice. Who knows, maybe he'll even win it!