Reaching the North


Yesterday we finished the travers, got to touch the lighthouse, ate the rest of our food and Stano finally used his air mattress , which he carried in his backpack and swam on it in the ocean.

Every one of us has done 600 km. Although we are little tired, but satisfyingly laying by the lighthouse we are enjoying the Icelandic Sun and remembering what we have been through the last few days.

We went from Kópasker by the seaside all the way to the very north. We did not meet many people and the few we did, looked at us weird from their cars.

It all passed by very quickly, or at least faster than we thought. Not long ago we were eating hamburgers in Reykjavik and trying to imagine what can 600 km be like. I only know what it meant to me. Besides staring at the nature and cursing at the rain that did not want to stop for a week, these kilometers represented a time to get to know myself and other guys better. The time spent out of reality of casual life gave us opportunity to realize some things. The casual things are taken differently. Each one of us replaced his home with a tent, a bed with a sleeping pad, bed sheets with a sleeping bag, family with 3 other guys we didn’t even know quite well before.

I think what more important than this trip is what every one of us is taking from it back home. It is what we will bring into our families, friends and relationships in daily life. Otherwise these 600 km would mean only a great experience and that would not be enough I guess.

Our next stop is Reydarfjordur where we would like to spend a couple of days among Slovak missioners. We are hitchhiking in pairs. The only planned part is our destination. Mišo and I slept near the ocean in Porshafne last nigh. Right now we are in a car with a Belgian couple heading right towards Reydarfjordur. Stano and Andrej are also on their way there. Hopefully we will meet up with them soon.

Highlands, valley and back among people in Akureyri

After one chilling day in Landmannalaugar, where we besides everything else amateurishly removed something very gross from Stano’s gum, we started moving towards inland. The inland has basically nothing in it. I am serious. Besides Icelandic sharp nature there are few cottages where couple times a week arrives a bus full of tourists. These cottages are also used by people that travel through with their trucks (usually foreigners who rented those trucks). Everything that has wheels is somehow bigger here. I always thought that big cars like these are only in America, well they are not. Let’s go back to the Icelandic nature. The inland mostly consists of volcanic desert, many lakes with icebergs around them all. If it is good weather outside we should be able to se icebergs on both sides but we have no been lucky yet. We have already seen an Iceberg though. It is hard to express what I feel right now. On one hand I am very grateful that I can walk in this nature and on the other hand, this nature has even not changed a little already few days. So I just walk and do not even realize the backpack I am carrying on my back. There are only my thoughts.

After less than five days of walking through the desert while we were copying the track number F26 (it is more of a road for trucks than a track), we got to the cottage Nýidalur (Google help me again). We received our package of groceries, toilet paper and gas for our caboose. We sent this all from ReykjavikYou do not want to know how many days we went without showering. The fee for showers was probably the best money we spent on something so far. The manager of the cottage had to kick us out of the showers because apparently we four blocked the showers for two hours. It did not seem that long to me at all.
We are probably in the middle of our traverse. We still got three more days of walking through an Icelandic Mordor and then the nature should green up a little again. See you, until then.

Rest day in Landmannalaugar

After 5 days of hiking we finally deserve real relax. From Vík we walked altogether approx. 110 kilometers.
Our path from Skógar went through Fimmvourduhals, place between two glaciers. Usually weather is very windy with lots of precipitation. We found hut shelter totally wet. Night in this place was one of the worst ever. Our tent hardly withstood the wind, which was noisy inside the tent and didn't let us sleep.
Next day, tired and exhausted, we were descending to Thorsmork. As it's said, weather is rainy in here, in the morning we put on dry clothes, but it didn't take long time to get wet again.
Thorsmork is gorgeous place with kind tourist from all over the world and amazing views of glaciers and valley. The same day, we entered to Laugavegur trail, well known Icelandic hike.  Walking this trail took two and half day. Despite damp and windy weather, we recommend this part of Iceland to every tourist.

First touch with Iceland

The reactions by boarding control at Stuttgart airport were pretty much the same as we expected. Especially when one employee with darker skin our hand baggage packed in banana boxes. Second round of laughter started when they looked at us. I was wearing 3 jackets and my pockets were filled with one kilogram of dried pineapple just that our baggage would not be overweight. The others did not differ from me that much. When we got in a plane they told us that we will have delay of 15 minutes because of a thunder storm. The pilots are probably running on different time because 15 minutes changed into 1 hour. We are going to stay with Janka, Mišo and Maťa in Reykjavik. After a half an hour of bearing our baggage through an empty city we finally found the dorms. It was 4 am. Since this time is not the best for knocking on a door we decided to sleep under a staircase we found. It was not that bad as it could look like. There are different stairs in Iceland. :) Barricaded by 6 backpacks and 2 banana boxes we could sleep peacefully until the late morning, actually it was more like noon. There were few people that came to check us out. One girl even asked: “Jesus, did you sleep here?” On this level of tiredness there was nothing on earth that could disturb our sleep.
In the morning (at noon) we finally met our hosts and the rest of the dorms. The rest of the day we spent with repacking and selecting. Mišo made a little city tour for us and we were able to take care of some things we needed to before start hiking. We got to meet few Slovaks that work here and know one another. Then we sat down for a while in a local pub with amazing atmosphere and live Icelandic music. The guitar player looked like Thor's grand grandson. He played well though.

Now, 2 days later, we're packing our tents and stuff and starting a next hiking day.It was pretty tough day yesterday. We did first part of our crossing hike, which leads from Vìk to Sko

garfoss. Walking in spray rain and strong wind, typical icelandic weather, and with heavy backpacks can exhaust a man.
Today we're going to ascent Fimmvorduhals, hopefully in bettef weather than yesterday. But despite the weather, Iceland is amazing country with beautiful nature and friendly people!

We are proud to launch our simple "Intro" video.

Hey adventurers, hikers, climbers and nature lovers!

It was about a year ago when I decided to leave my home for a longer time as usual. I just felt it was the right time to do something bigger, longer, to reach out from my comfort zone and see what it is like to be away. I have done many hikes, climbing and ascents on summits in few countries before, but this is going to be something very special. Last Summer I decided to let my dreams come true. Iceland has been my dream country for a long time. I was looking at the map of Iceland thinking about what I would do on such a beautiful island and then I got it. I want to cross the whole Iceland by foot! Immediately after this moment I started to search on the internet for some information about hiking in Iceland. I found a short film about two Scottish guys traversing Iceland. I contacted one of them right away. His name is Will Copestake and I asked him few questions about their adventure. His answer to my questions helped us a lot. (Thanks Will)… I asked many people to join me and after couple of weeks our team was complete. The first person I asked was Michal. It was not a long discussion. He said immediately: “yeah I want to do this.” I had not known Stano and Andrej before. I just heard from my friends that they love nature and traveling. I did not hesitate a minute and asked them as well. Their answers were not so clear, but after a short persuasion they could not say NO. During the last year I sent hundreds of emails to outdoor companies looking for support and sponsoring. I was very surprised how many of them helped us and supported our adventure. We are very thankful because without their sponsoring we would probably not be able to make this happen. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! The time of our departure is getting shorter. During these days we are packing gear, clothes, food and finishing the last arrangements before we leave our homes. We are really excited.

                                                Making of "intro" video..coming soon...

                 My little bro´ found the best cache while playing Hide and Seek                                                            ...Kajka seems to be very child- friendly backpack:)

                                             He feels like rabbit in his burrow

                                             Yeah, he´s just realized his mouth

Adventure Description

The goal of their expedition is to cross Iceland, from southern to the northern tip (approx. 550 km). From the start point in Vík, they will go along Icelandic main road (Ring road) to well-known Skogarfoss waterfall. Here they will turn inland following hiking path through the Fimmvolourhaus pass and join the Laugavegur trail to Landmannalaugar. From this point they will take a direct route to the lake Askja. It's land of ash, dust and ice. This part is very remote, it's possible not to meet any people in here. Next they will go through lake Mývatn to the Dettifoss waterfall and down the Aysbergi canyon to the sea, from here they will cut toward the northern tip (Hraunhaufnartangi lighthouse).

Martin Lučan is the head of the expedition and outdoor enthusiast with passion for mountaineering, climbing, ski-mountaineering and trekking. He is a student of Slovak Technical University in Bratislava. Michal Tuhý is a lover of many outdoor sports, especially winter sports: skiing and snowboarding. Also student of Slovak Technician University in Bratislava. Stanislav Selecký is a longstanding member of Scout association (more than 13 years). He likes to travel, climb, hike, and to do every adventure sport. Heis eager to challenges like Iceland Expedition. Andrej ''Palči'' Marko is 21 years old Scout leader from Slovak capital - Bratislava. He loves exploring, hiking, climbing and all sort of cool outdoor stuff :) He has already been involved to several backpacking expeditions to Ukrajine and Romania moutains. This summer he spent 3 months in moutain centre in Swiss Alps as a staff member. In his normal life he's studying film production at bachelor’s degree and taking a position of festival director at upcoming student film festival Áčko. They will not just blog about this journey, they will also make a documentary film about it.