We have reached the new world!!!

For the first time since December you don´t have to worry even though the boat lies still on the tracker. Reason: mission accomplished. Thank you all for hanging in there and believing in us even when times were tough. To an extent larger than you can ever imagine you´ve all been part of this. Your support have left us stronger for every comment and like that has landed on our site. So, once again, Thank you! From the bottom of our heart.
It´s been busy times since we reached Antigua, interviews and briefings and some much awaited hugging. And tomorrow at about 0650 we will be interviewed live and via link by tv 4, nyhetsmorgon. Hope you all can find time to hear our us inform the country on our endevours. Also, we will back on the issue on the t-shirt, announcing the winner.
Song of the day: Pomp and circumstance, Edward Elgar.
/Nordic Endurance going for a milkshake (or two).

The Final Countdown

The Ocean seems to do it´s best to keep us close by. The last day’s haven´t been fun, at all. And we´ve really been forced to fight for every meter. 5 meter high waves and very disturbing winds. To put it mildly, we´re rather tired at the moment. The best thing we got going for as the moment is the fact that there isn´t long to go, and that of course is an okey motivator (plus that it would be kind of dumb to give up and turn around now).

Another fun fact is that we´ve actually managed to row across the Atlantic, yeahh!!! Based on geographical rules the Atlantic ends at longitude 61 west and we´ve just passed it. Unfortunately no one told Antigua, so we still got some rowing to do.

Song of the day: The cardigans, you´re the storm

/Two eager lads closing in on some immigration-forms

Darkness falls

The last days have been a bit tough in terms of weather. Powerfull waves and winds leaves us somewhat shaken, wet and stired. Speaking of which if someone would make Stefans milkshake “screaming” with vodka there could be a serious chance of creating a youtube-clip that goes viral. Stefan really isn´t known for holding his liquor to start with and after 60 days of rowing at sea…. Well, could be fun.  

Recently the nights have been darker than usual. No starlight to guide our way anymore. And the general feeling when steeping on a night shift is to “feel the force”, and much like a Jedi orientate through instinct (and occasionally looking at the GPS). But the darkness causes problems beyond holding the boat straight. You can get little or no warning before a great big and aggressive wave hit you. When it hits you from nowhere it’s a bit shocking and when it leaves you the thing that stays is water. Kind of like sitting in a bathtub.

We’re hoping for better weather, in which  case we can push on even harder and it makes it a lot easier to row in the dark without worrying about getting turned over all the time.

Todays song. Fade into darkness, Avicii

/ Two blind bats in a carton of milk

Milkshake please!

Today’s weather was rather pleasant. Sunny, warm and naturally some winds but nothing that caused problem. The boat rocks with the waves in familiar ways and we continue to work as a team. Stefan has (true to his engineering skills) made a schedule on how much water we can use if everything proceeds as planned. This has led to a plan of drinking 5 liters of water for every 30 nautical miles we row. So in other words- no rowing no water! Erik made a remark on how similar these circumstances are to those experienced by Roman galley-slaves. Stefan objected - The galley slaves were allowed to sleep longer than two hours at a time during night.

Still good speed on the boat, still longing for other things to do besides rowing. Stefan would like the world to know that whoever meets up with him on the docks in Antigua and brings a strawberry milkshake can pretty much ask for any payment. Erik has of course missed the smell of dog-food (Erik works consists of selling food to cats and dogs) equally intense.

Today’s song: Hard knock life, Jay Z

/A pair of guys rather fed up with any food that comes in a plastic bag.

Visit by a sailing-boat

Yesterday we actually made conversion with persons not part of our own crew. A bit surreal actually, and a nice reminder of the world that is still to be found beyond our own confined deck. It was the Talisker support ship that hooked up with us to give us a new yellow brick so that all of you back home can follow us properly. We were offered a couple of bottles of mineral water but naturally declined – We started out on our own, we´re going to finish on our own. And the matter of the ballast water is still working out for us. And as you can see by the tracker, we really are covering distance better now when the water production no longer takes up a lot of our time. So, at the time it looks like our water supply will hold us until Antigua.

The laugh of the crew the last couple of days have been on the expense of Stefan. Apparently the rain has adjusted its downfall to Stefan’s solo rowing shifts, and for two days straight, the rain has started as he grips the oars and stopped when he turned them over to Erik again. Needless to say, Erik found it rather funny being able to witness Stefan getting soaked with two hour intervals, while he himself could continue working on his tan.

Song of the day goes out as a celebration of us recently having broken the 500 mile barrier: 500 miles, The Hooters
/ Two lonely sailors suffering from a most welcome overdose of social-stimuli

Salted palms

Hopefully you are able to follow us on the yellow brick again. We´ve at least been told it works again. It feels good to be back to rowing together, and we really feel like we´re making better distance now. So far the water supply seems to be adequate, but it still means a lot of work since we have to keep the boat balanced. Taking too much water from one container means an unbalanced boat, means difficult rowing, means an upset crew. So were constantly moving water between vessels, and occasionally doing some drinking as well.

Our hands seem to be less and less impressed with our adventures. Wounds and sores don´t want to heal in the salty environment, and this creates both some pain and practical dilemmas. For example rowing a boat seems to hurt a lot with skinned palms.

We´re very happy that so many of you tried guessing our finish-time and we promise to avoid adjusting our speed according to any particular guesses (fair-play all the way).

Song of the day, trying to reflecting Erik’s favorite hobby: Nightswimming, REM.
/Four skinned palms praying for some regeneration

Pairing up for the final push

Hello friends! We´re struggling on with the rowing while following a rationing schedule on water consumption. A bit disturbing to feel thirst around the clock, but we are at the moment functioning at an okay level and estimate that we will be able to continue like that even though we´ve cut down on water. Like we mentioned in our last report we are back to rowing as a pair and that of course has its advantages, physical as well as psychological.

Since the yellow brick remains out of order we are phoning in our position to the race-administration from time to time, we hope this makes it possible for you to follow us until we get a new “brick”?
What else? Still in good spirit all across the crew. Still longing for a burger and a milkshake, and still doing some occasional rowing.

One more thing!!! We want to advertise a competition open to all of you. Starting from tomorrow we hope you would like to entertain us with a guess on our estimated finish-time. The price will be a very fashionable t-shirt reading. “ I haven´t rowed across the Atlantic, but I know someone who has”. More info on how to participate tomorrow.

Song of the day: Kokomo, The beach boys.

/Two guys and a boat.

More things broken

There seems to be something wrong with the race tracker at the time. Even though we´re not moving with the speed of a motorboat, we are still moving! So don´t worry. Our yellow brick has just joined the impressive list of malfunctioning instruments onboard so you won’t be able to see our movement for a while. Hopefully we will get a new instrument on Monday when one of the support boats can hook up and help us, until then we will do our best to surprise you with our distance traveled.

Today we had a discussion with our medical back-up team on the potential outcome of drinking salt water for the rest of the trip. Apparently such a solution could in the end have a rather fatal impact on our brain, kidneys and a few other organs. This was of course bad news since the membrane in our water-pump seem to have finally given up (the water now tastes like something just picked up from our surroundings). We have been ordered to immediately switch to ballast water in order not to load our bodies with too much salt. But between what we have already produced with the pump and what is offered in the ballast, we think we´ll be alright. The good news is that we once again can get back to rowing in pair since more pumping seems rather unnecessary. So we´re hoping the weather will work in our favor the last two weeks so we don´t run dry before crossing the finish-line. For those of you planning to meet us at Antigua: Forget the Margarita’s, something less salty will do fine…. Mojito?

Song: Have you ever seen the rain, Credence Clearwater Revival.
/Nordic endurance congratulating Locura on a well-deserved win. Respect! 

Drinking salt-water and fighting blisters

Sorry for keeping you out of the loop for a while. In the list of things not operating as planned the satellite-phone is sadly enough added as another post. It´s function is nowadays unreliable, at best.
The winds of yesterday really didn´t agree with us, and we were being pushed east and south. Extremely frustrating… If the both of us could row at the same time, then we could push thru a lot easier, but since the damn water-pumping takes up the focus of one us for nearly every waken second we continue to row solo most of the time. Speaking of which, we suspect there might be something wrong with the membrane in the pump, the water tastes kind of funny… But not to worry, we can use the water from the ballast if all else fails, but this is something we want to avoid since we risk a fine.
What else? Oh Yea, Eric is on a steady diet of pain-killers to keep away the agony created by blisters and sore joints. Stefan is not as addictive yet, but reports a poor function in the left hand after every period of rest. But as always the function slowly returns after a while behind the oars. So, nothing some good old rowing won´t fix… When passing the 500 Nautical mile barrier the plan is to stop creating water and “make a run for the finish line”. So hopefully the last 500 NM´s will go by in a flash. Stefan also reports that he is having recurrent dreams about the milkshake he intends to order when on dry land.
Song of the day: Baywatch theme.
/ Two galley-slaves planning to have a serious talk with the union representative on Antigua..

Tough day

Yesterday was a tough day with strong winds and more unpredictable wave-activity. Those of you following us on the tracker probably noticed that we we´re stationary most of the time. We decided to lie on parachute-anchor and wait it out since we were inches from capsizing, twice! Now the weather is better and we can get back to rowing again.

Other activities the last 48 hrs include cleaning the boat from shells and other things trying to get a free-ride. This maneuver really is a sight for the family album since Stefan is severely “shark o´phobic” and moves with the speed of a swordfish to get out of the water as quick as he can. Stefan has also been interviewed by Graylings, a media-firm working for Talisker. The reason for this is that he possibly is the first man on the planet celebrating his 30´s birthday in a rowing-boat, in the middle of the Atlantic.

Another thing effectively filling up the time while rowing is the spontaneous birth of a “guess who” tournament. So far Stefan has thought of characters like “Darth vader”, “Ingemar Stenmark” and “a great white shark”. Erik thinks of his girlfriend nine times out of ten, so needless to say, Stefan is currently leading the tournament.
Song of the day goes out to Stefan after a request from Erik: Happy Birthday, Marilyn Monroe.

/Two men in their best years aging like a good bottle of Chianti and enjoying an ocean-view.

Just another day on the Atlantic…

Second breakfast takes place right before the morning-shift starts (first breakfast took place just before bed only two hours earlier). Second breakfast is easily one of our favorite meals of the day, it is rivaled possibly only by third dinner, or secondary lunch (of course Erik has grown quite found of the supplementary, fourth midnight snack). There was a time when eating disorders of this sort would have left us on the wrong side of the weight-watcher draft-program, these days we can get away with pretty much everything in terms of calory-intake. Ain´t it cool?! Kind of like stumbling on the most effective diet ever devised by man – Eat all you can without gaining a pound, in fact you´ll lose them instead! And to think, all you had to do was to row across the Atlantic! Shocking stuff! We really must to this again soon (preferably just before next beach season).

After second breakfast comes first rowing-shift, followed by the much appreciated water making session, this is when we like Arnold Schwarzenegger start zee Pumping. It goes on for this for a while. If you´re not pumping you´re rowing, if you´re not rowing you´re… Well you get it..

At five o´clock (sharp) the damn rowing and pumping comes to an abrupt stop. This is rest time, or as Erik likes to call it: SPA-time. For teen minutes you can do pretty much anything you like (confined to the opportunities left to you by being surrounded by an ocean that is). Yesterday, Erik for example invested seven minutes in checking out a “böld” growing on his arm, and still had three minutes to spare! Stefan took for a swim in shark infested waters (checking the hull in the process, so maybe not being totally of duty anyway).

After five o´clock we´re normally done with the water production for the day so when you’re not rowing you can fix things that need attending on the boat, the tax-free department or the nuclear reactor for example. All in all we manage to squeeze in about 6 hours of rest during night-time, which would be perfectly sufficient if it wasn’t for the matter of breaking up the six hours in two hour shifts, and in between that more rowing.
But we´re getting there. One slow day at a time. Wonder if we will even recognize a bed when we see one?

Song of the day holds a deeper meaning than usual, and it goes out to someone who is sorely missed - Our Waterpump!!!: Wan´t you back, Jackson five.

/Two sleep deprived zombies slowly draining the ocean (with a hand-operated water-pump). 

Planning for the last push

We really hope the New Year has treated you all well so far. For us, things are pretty much the same as always. The weather continues to be unpredictable, shifting from calm to not so calm with little or no warning. We´re still investing a lot of energy in producing water, and as frustrating as it is from an efficiency point of view, we´ve learned to live with it.
Our plan at the moment is to build a large fresh-water supply that will hold us for a while. Then we can concentrate on pushing hard the last days without having to worry about pumping new water. So hopefully you´ll see us coming strong when we get closer to Antigua.
Song of the day: Bridge over troubled water, Simon and Garfunkel
/Four butt-cheeks packing a rather impressive set of blisters…

Time flies when you're having fun

And so almost a month has passed since race start. So what does a day look like for us? Well, first of all it normally involves a lot of bruises and swearing – It´s very difficult to remain standing on something that is in constant motion. Also it´s safe to say our dining differs somewhat from an office-life. The calorie-intake is substantially larger then back home.
On a normal day we eat four hot meals per day (Blå band). In addition, four to six powerbars and then shakes with protein powder five to ten times per day. An intake that most lightly would have a horrific impact on our body-constitution back home. Now, it’s probably less than we would actually need.
The plastic bucket used for toilet-issues is also frequently used. And by now we are also very familiar with the use of baby wipes.
Well so much for the romance involved with “cruising” over the Atlantic, but we thought you like to know what it is we actually do here. =)
Song: Dancing on my (our) own, Robyn.
/Two guys on a diet, working the tan.

Happy New Year!!!!

We´re more and more settling in to our routines onboard. Unfortunately these routines continuously seem to leave very little room for sleep. Working with the water-pump takes up much of our time and pretty much makes it impossible to row together every third shift, which originally was the plan. But in order not to worry you, we would like to point out that we are still in good spirits.

Saw a boat for the second time since we arrived in deeper waters. This time it was a big cruise-ship (naturally this got us wondering what the hell we´re up to. We doubt the customers onboard have to produce their own water, and still they are probably paying a lot less for their trip then we are). But Eric quickly stated our moral advantage on the sea and over the VHF-radio asked them to deviate from course in order not to interfere with our race. He likes to think it worked.

Quick weather-changes just as before. It can go from dead calm to winds up to fifteen meters per second in the blink of an eye. And it continues to be difficult to read many of the waves in terms of speed, height and direction. The nights are still breathtaking with star-constellations so vivid it lacks in comparison.

Also been visited by small fish with wings on a few occasions the last two days. Fly-fish seem to be determined to hit our boat in small coordinated attacks around the clock.

Song of the day: Love boat captain, Pearl Jam.

All the best to you on this last day of the year, our thoughts and wishes got out to all of you.
Happy new year!

/ Two fishermen attacked by their own pray. And not a new year’s rocket in sight.

Sleep cycle on the Atlantic

If you visit the doctor because of chronic sleep-disorder there is a good chance that he will ask you to keep a sleep diary in order to see what your sleeping pattern looks like. Since broken up sleep seem to be a recurrent event on the boat, here follows Stefan’s account on a normal period of rest:

Sun at it´s peak. Roughly sauna-temperature in the cabin. Doze off for five minutes. Awake again as a wave hit with the force of a freight-train. Doze off again. Five minutes later a new freight-train, followed by two medium sized SUV´s. Some peace and quiet again. Then another hit, this time a bit more like a comet hitting us. Take a look outside to make sure Erik is still there. He looks a bit shaken, still onboard tough, and in one piece. Go back inside, put clothes back on. Two hours have passed, new shift behind the oars starts. Still a bit sleepy..

Diagnose? Anyone?

Song of the day: Working nine to five, Dolly Parton
/Two slightly tired champs, preparing for new-year celebrations.

Spin me round

Last night offered a beautiful display of moonlight and starlight. When night comes to us it’s easy to be carried away by the awesome view that the sky above us displays. When it was time for Erik’s shift, around midnight, the setting was perfect. And he felt quite inspired, surrounded by darkness and stars shining down from up above. The first 100 minutes (we usually do 120 minute shifts) worked out just fine. Then something happened. It started as a darkness falling over the boat. Then, massive amounts of foam flushed passed and finally, the stern of the boat was picked up and the boat spanned around. The Wave that hit threw poor Erik overboard but at least left the boat still on the right side. Erik took his unplanned swim with ease and soon made it onboard the boat again. Meanwhile, Stefan that had been sleeping inside, suddenly found himself clinging to the walls and wondering why the world suddenly was spinning. In the end just a good story to tell and since we don´t have too much electronics left that can be destroyed it all ended well.

So we´re pushing on, struggling with the water-production and slowly making our way to Antigua.

Song: Spinning around, Kylie Minouge..
/ Two struggling sailors heading west

The Nordic Endurance Christmas Special

And a merry Christmas to you all!!! This morning’s traditional Christmas celebrations off course erupted on the boat as soon as we woke up. We started with the much appreciated four hours of water pumping, in order to create fresh water for our Christmas porridge. Sadly, no porridge was found in the end. So we drank the “Christmas-water” á naturell. Still, no complaints there, it tasted great. Then the traditional “Jul-bak” started. This is when you make all the bread and sweets for the Christmas dinner that normally starts in-between the “Kalle anka” show and the savagely abrupt opening of presents, and the following and much appreciated catwalk wearing this year’s specimen of the “Jul-kofta”. A shirt, not that ideal for Atlantic adventures since it absorbs water better than a sponge. Since none of us remembered to pack the distant relative always in charge of delivering this gift, we are still rowing without a hand embroidered moose on our chest.
So when the “Jul-bak” planned crashed due to shortage of flour we immediately went on to the opening of presents. Stefan got a Christmas chocolate that Erik had hidden next to the emergency flares since race-start. Erik in turn, got a slap from Stefan since he had forgotten to turn of a flashlight before going to bed. So all is well onboard and everybody feels the Christmas-spirit filling the atmosphere.
A discussion on how many more Swedish traditional holidays will be spent on the boat has started. Erik feels it would be nice to experience Midsummer back home, this off course landing the crew in a tight spot since it is only about 180 days left to this holy celebration.
By now everybody onboard also knows what a bad case of arthritis feels like. When waking up in the morning it is close to impossible to bend your fingers, and it also hurts like hell because of blisters and such. But the good news is that as soon as you start rowing again the feeling magically disappears. Sore butts are however present at all times. Even so to the extent of us wondering if a desk-job is possible when we get back home.
The last days of rowing has worked out alright. The tough part is still finding time to rest in-between making water and rowing. But we won’t complain, at least were not celebrating Christmas capsized.
Song of the day, you know it! Reindeers, snow, Santa and stuff, enjoy!
/Two little elf’s wishing for better winds this Christmas.

Energy spent on wrong things

The irony of being completely surrounded by water, and being short of it anyway. The water-purifier still out of order. That means we have to spend four to five hours per day pumping water ourselves. The lucrative effect of this is becoming more and more apparent to us every day off course. Perhaps the meaning of this was for us to be ludicrously rich thanks to our mad salt-distillery capabilities. By the rate this is going we´ll be hitting Antigua with a mountain of minerals.

Speaking of crystallization, the roles onboard are becoming clearer. Erik is now head of catering and thus preparing most of our varying meals. Stefan is head engineer, meaning he gets all the shit for the broken electronics onboard, which is piling up to be quite the collection by now. Should the need to sell dog or cat-food appear Erik remains our first choice. Stefan, off course equally competent should anyone need a personality test in the middle of the Atlantic. There is still some debate on who is to be considered captain, perhaps for the best since it effectively rules out any chance of mutiny occurring.

What else? Oh yeah! Our butts are killing us! Blisters and sore cheeks follow us reluctantly on to every new pass next to the oars. Why didn´t we go with the optional leather arm-chair for the rowing position!? Once again a fail for the engineer…

Saw some sharks today as well. Decided not to join them in their preferred element, to busy putting together our own drinkable H2O molecules anyway. The wind is not as strong as in the beginning of the race, but still costly from time to time. But right now we are able to row with an okay speed.

Today’s song is about a glass of water longing for the ocean: Release me, Oh Laura…
/Two hobby scientists separating salt and water and occasionally doing some rowing as well.

Going for a swim

Sorry for the delay on keeping you guys informed. We´ve been somewhat busy the last two days. Things that are working for us at the moment: Morale, food, oars, jokes about how small we are in comparison to the ocean. Things that aren´t working: autopilot, water-purifier, keeping the boat from tipping over, sat-phone. Well, actually, truth be told the sat-phone is working again.
Yesterday we got knocked over by a big wave that capsized the boat and landed us in the water. The thing with capsizing on the Atlantic is that things you tend to need for the rest of the trip don´t always respond that well to water. Our water-purifier that runs on solar-cells and batteries felt that was the excuse it needed to stop working. Thank you water purifier! We´re down to pumping all the water manually now. But there is a chance we can get the automatic one to work again, so that’s one of the things we´ve been working hard with today. Also we lost a lot of tools that because of their metal-composition sank rather quickly to depths rending them unsalvageable, we tried asking the dolphins for help - No luck there!
Autopilot still out of order, doesn´t look that promising on getting it to work again. But we´re getting by on manual corrections (there was no autopilot on Kon-tiki either).
Today, has been a fairly good day, considering. We´ve been able to concentrate a bit more on the actual rowing. But at the moment its pitch black and were lying on parachute-anchor. The winds are strong and we simply can´t afford to capsize again. The electronics are sad enough as it is..
Song of the day: Captain Jack Sparrow, Lonely Island, Michael Bolton.
/Two guys checking the box: Capsized on the Atlantic.

Flying manually...

As you can see on the tracker we´ve fallen behind lately. Sadly this comes from the fact that our autopilot remains out of order. Extremely frustrating since we feel good otherwise, and are ready to row at our maximum. Now, instead, we have to use up a whole lot of energy on navigating and holding the boat on course. But our spirits are high, and we are pushing on to the goal.

Beautiful day with sun and calm winds today. We´re really hoping it will stay that way for a while.

Together with the autopilot the PlayStation and the widescreen also stopped working, so now we don´t know what to do with all our spare time. Erik talked about taking up “knyppling” and maybe making something nice for his girlfriend’s coffey-table. Stefan is more into exploring the world of origami, or possibly French cuisine. Keep you updated on the progress there…

Today’s song, since we´re rather confined to a small and limited and boat: Folsom prison blues, Johnny Cash.

/ Two cute sailors working on their tan…

High waves, in all directions...

One would think that there are certainties in nature that can be taken for granted. For example the earth’s rotation, tides and Santa-claus. For that reason it’s a bit strange trying to map the waves surrounding us at the moment. The last day we´ve seen some really strange wave-activity. Sometimes it feels like we offer a new center of gravity to our surroundings, we get hit on every side of the boat, sometimes at the same time! So no real consistency on water movement there. Stefan accurately described the waves as being a bit schizophrenic, and at one point even felt sure witnessing a wave hitting us hard only to seconds later make a 360 turn and come at us again.

A bit of news on the navigation front. As you might remember we reported having some problems with our navigation-system. Well, that remains a concern. Now we have lost our reserve autopilot so right now we are relying on manual steering… We can still asses our position, but off course it takes a bit of energy having to compensate on our own to stay on course. We hope the little computer will spring to life if we treat it with love and respect for a while.

But not all is ugly on the seas. Once again we´ve been joined by a flock of Dolphins that patiently follows us. Erik tried to communicate with them, even attempting to convince them showing us the way to Antigua. Unfortunately they turned out to be heavily unionized, and no order determining the rate of compensation was reached. Hopefully new negotiations in the morning…

Song of the day, dedicated to Stefan by Erik: Right beside you, Sophie B Hawkins…
/Two humans and six dolphins engaged in heavy negotiations while heading west (hopefully)….

Finally a break!

The weather is better and we can adjust our course accordingly. As you can see by the tracker we´ve drifted to the south, but now we are once again allowed to pick up a more ideal heading. It´s a beautiful day compared to what we´ve experienced so far.

We´ve had some problems with our water supply. Since the purifier runs on solar-cells, and the sun has been rather absent the last couple of days, the production of new H2O has been scarce. Now the sun is back and we´re building up new reserves. One less worry…

Even though we are hundreds of miles away we thought we might offer a helping hand in the everyday life that goes on back home just as if we never left… Our contribution of the day is a suggestion to those of you not sure about what to prepare for this evenings “fredagsmys”. Off course, grilled chicken or tacos is an option, but a more daring alternative is a shake of protein-powder, a meal we´ve gotten very familiar with by now. Why not make a veritable “smorgasbord” of nutrient drinks for your family, letting the young ones take shots of strawberry and chocolate in search of their own favourite. If you really want to spice things up you could even let someone close to you choose the sample without telling you what it is. An easily made and much appreciated sacrifice to help your partner get rid of that boring everyday life of anticipating the taste of a certain sweetener. Works for us..

The song of the day, off course, “Stiffe was a stalledräng” a true folksong of the north.

/ Two stjärngossar without a Lusse-bulle in sight…

Still Wet...

Yesterday was a tough day for any mosquitos finding themselves in the skies above the north Atlantic. Hard winds again, parachute-anchor again, wet again… As you can imagine we sometimes find it hard to know if we are supposed to laugh or cry when dealing with the weather. So, we ´ve done a bit of both, and continuously hope that the ocean soon will be satisfied with the humble recognition we offer our surroundings – out here the ocean call the shots, not man, regardless of how nude or determined he may be.

We´ve had some trouble with our navigation-system. Apparently the apparatus doesn’t respond that well to water ( off course a bit concerning considering our current predicament), but we continue to fight, and hopefully it will cooperate fully soon.

The rest-time in our small “cabin” has been a bit bumpier than we would like it to be. It´s hard to get proper rest when the waves keep slamming in to our side. Sometime you wake up wondering if we´ve been rammed by a whale.

So, hopefully more for you soon on the recovery of our navigation system and clear skies… J
Given the climate of the day we are somewhat forced to choose a song from a group calling themselves: WET WET WET. And since Stefan in a misguided fit of frustration over the lost gps signal screamed out on Erik today, a suiting choice would be their number one hit “Love is all around”. Enjoy! God knows we wish we could..

/Two salted homo sapiens building up sore palms…

In the name of nudity thou shall prevail…

The last two days can be summarized as a marathon consisting of changing clothes to stay warm and stripping down to nudity again to try to row without drenching all our textiles. Those of you following us on the race tracker wondering if we have indulged in some heavy crack-smoking while playing spin the bottle with our compass – we get your concern… But! Since the import laws of Antigua really aren’t that liberal, the answer is a bit more forgiving. The winds have whipped the wave’s high and throwing salt in our eyes for a good 36 hrs… We drifted hard and north by north-east. Being ex parachute-soldiers we have since long had a fetish for packing parachutes up and down. This mainstream form of work has come well in handy as we have spent a great deal of time working with our parachute-anchor not to loss to much ground.
Right now the waves break at about two to three meters, meaning we can get back to do doing what we were sent here to do – Row! The wind has not only lost in strength but also direction, right now we are being pushed slightly to the south again, and this off course is much preferred towards being forced to the east.
Don´t forget you can follow us and the other boats live on the race tracker: and click the link for live leaderboard. We are picking up speed now, so don´t miss out.. 
From now on we will try to give you a glimpse of our life by proposing a song that in some way, however farfetched, mirrors our day. The song for the day, tasked to get you in the right mood and get a feeling for our endeavors is: Rocky ground by Bruce Springsteen, found on a Spotify account near you.
//Two naked soldiers, tasting salt and whipping WATER-foam (sexual allude certainly not intended).

Romantic dimensions

With the risk of destroying all the romance that is certain to be associated with our travels, sorry for the following… When we were on a marketing-tour before departing for Spain one of the matters that people showed most interest in was the toilet issue. Now we can put all the minds troubled with this delicate balance-act at ease… Stefan has performed a near perfect maneuver to “create” history on the seas. Thus a check in the box for adequate bowel movement. While talking about the little devil (Stefan), we can put his fan-club at ease. The man grows with each hour, having proved he can empty himself not only in time of sea-sickness, his list of achievement’s now boasts the capability of ingesting solid food without protest from his stomach.
Erik reports a back-pain (most likely derived from having rowed a boat for roughly 60 hrs) and in true competitive spirit feels haunted by the awakening of his crewman.

To return to a more romantic angle of reporting – Yesterday was a beautiful day, with calm winds and warming sun. We were accompanied by a group of dolphins for a while. Their movements in the water seemed provokingly agile in comparison to our own, but their company were nonetheless welcome. We were also followed by a shark for a while. To raise the action-level and leave some inspiration for coming Hollywood productions we can inform you on the fact that the sighting of the shark was preceded by the bath we both took shortly before the sighting took place. Given our hygienic level the predator probably deemed us to be biological waste, rather than fitting dinner.

/ Two men in a boat, followed by an aquatic zoo, still heading west.