I am in love

5:30am the horrible alarm is ringing - not found of early mornings - more late nights! Totally dark. Find the head lamp and switch on the cosy red light, find all the stuff and start to pack. To lazy to start the kitchen, some crackers and listen to the rain outside. Took down the Tentipi and at 7am we - the great group 5 were ready to hit the water in our kayaks. And I am in love - with my kayak XO11, it is comfortable, stable and very beautiful with its white and red color! 

The wind was blowing hard and we tried to be close to the shore. It was not very far back to Tanumstrand but the wind ate time. When we arrived to Tanumstrand there was some Tenitipis standing and it turned out that two groups spent the night there because they heard about the bad wether forecast and came a day earlier.

After taking care of all the stuff, a lovely shower - to get ride of the smoky smell - (a campfire is great and cosy in all ways but the smell of it when you come inside there everything is clean is everything except nice) we head down to Nordens Ark a big animal park. We (Didriksons, Tentipi, Primus and Point 65°N) had some work-shops down by the beach in Tentipi tents and we had some nice fires inside the tent..or I had a lot of smoke because I talked to much and did pay less attention to the fire, which nearly died and produced a lot of smoke...opps!

We ended the day with a walk through the park and we saw tigers and other great animals and we ate our dinner by the wolfs. The restaurant had big glas windows and the wolf where walking outside stirring at us in our cave. A lovely dinner with a lot of laughter - it has been a great bunch of people - both all the guests and the people who worked with this Outdoor Academy!

Tomorrow we are all going home, always a bit sad to leave. But I won't say god bye I will say until next time and meanwhile spread the fire because that is what I will do. Starting with a 30k trail race on Saturday - always heading for next challenge. :-) And don't forget to apply for Light My Fire's adventure of the Year, you can read more about that: /sponsorship-2013.aspx I would apply myself if I could...

with lot's of love/miss fire ;-)

Waves just makes it more fun...

Had a great day, the bad weather didn't came. Had some wind but the waves just makes it more fun! We ate a lovely soup with lots of vegetable for dinner and had a cosy fire during the evening. Played some games (some would say they were stupid games...). Early night for early morning, have to get up at 05:30 tomorrow to be able to be back in Tanumstrand in time!

Lunch time!

Lovely weather. Time for lunch!:-)


Morning swim

Niels from Kathmandu takes a morning swim. He claims it was not that cold!

bild copy 2.JPG

bild copy 4.JPG


The night was cold,need a good sleeping bag! My nanook did the job!


bild copy.JPG

Start paddling.

We met the participants yesterday and had the gear check! Today we paddle out in smaller group- approx 10 in each. The wether forecast isn't that brilliant except for Didriksons, who provide us with rain clothes for us to test- and we will surley test them :-) But today the weather was great, cloudy but it stopped raining when we start loading the kayaks. We actually got some sun! My kayak from Point 65°N is great and brand new! It follows all wishes!! :-)

We had some lunch at one of the beaches on a island close to Tanumstrand and then back in the water. Nearly no wind and no traffic on the sea- just beautiful! 

In the afternoon we Paddle to Dyngön and set up our camp there, a real nice place much better than the name tell us! (dynga=shit) We put up our Tentipis and went for a walk! Or a walk, more correctly we summit Dyngön which has summit flag- as all high and respectable mountain! Surely 30 m!!

We had great dinner and an even greater fire there we grilled marshmallows and dark choklad with mint- yummie!!! 

Now it starts to be cold, best to jump in my warm sleeping bag!!!:-)

Arriving in Tanumstrand


After a couple of hours driving I reached Tanumstrand (approx. two hours north of Göteborg) and here we will start paddle on Sunday. All the way from Malmö it was raining like crazy and just shortly before I was leaving the highway it stopped and this beautiful scenery welcomed me. Of course I had to change my shoes directly and go out for a walk along the coast line. Vince from Nordic Outdoor UK - one of the participants arrived at the same time as I and we walked together, a beautiful evening and now we start to get ready for the real adventure! Tomorrow afternoon the rest of the participants are coming, in total we will be 78 people! Retailers, journalists and tour operators from all over the world.

Have to go to sleep now to be able to wake up fresh tomorrow, didn't have that many hours last night - why is it always like that before going somethere?