Day 25 (2014-07-07)

Landscape image: Inner archipelago, lots of forest, reed and buildings. 
Weather: Cloudiness 8/8, northern 4 m/s 
Distance: 25 km 
Average distance: 27 km 
Total distance: 672 km 
Health/feelings: Really pleased about arriving. A little sad that it's already over. 

It's been raining strongly all day with headwind, but that won't put me down with the goal in sight. When I started getting closer to the Russian Border I was surprised at how many buildings there actually were right at the border. In the water the border was marked out with a long trail of yellow buoys. I rowed alongside these buoys for a long while to finally reach the mainland. An amazingly beautiful house lay directly at the border and I therefore had to disembark at their shore. Luckily they were home. They informed me that to get closer than three kilometres from the border ones needs a permit. A fact that I'd missed. The fee was 1000 Euros Not so good. Right then the border guard rove along their driveway and the lady said that now it will be trouble. But lucky for me they keep driving. We calm down, socialise for a while, I get a roll of toilet paper and I send off the GPS message saying that I've arrived. Then we go to the boat and I decide to row three kilometres away from the border. Now I will lie in the tent and relax until the family arrives. 
To do long distance rowing in the Vagabond turned out to live up to much more than my expectations. It is really the rowing boats' answer to the sea kayak. I judge it as much safer at sea and it is nice being able to stand, move and cook directly in the boat. And also to take a nap after dinner. A more worthy boat can hardly be found on the Swedish market, a boat constructed for rowing in unprotected waters with high waves and strong winds. Self-clearing of water and with a rolling seat where you can really take advantage of the legs' power. Three waterproof bulkheads make it practically unsinkable and the packing spaces are really big. If I had only brought freeze-dried food I could have been out for a hundred days. Never before has my back felt so strong and good. Rear-view mirrors are a must-have. It saves seventy percent of the neck turns and are as necessary as the peeing hatch in the dry suit. The conclusion of that is that it is not for sale and there will be more adventures with the Vagabond Saga. 
I had thought the Finns to be a little mad at us because of our passivity during the war. But on the contrary they were really happy about our contribution where we took care of so many Finnish war children and there were also many Swedes who voluntarily went and fought on Finland's side. The feeling of being in Sweden has been strengthened by the fact that almost everyone speaks perfect Swedish. The archipelago here resembles that of our east coast. This autumn I will hold a course by Friluftsfrämjandet about how to realise your dreams and adventure projects. Become a member of Filuftsfrämjandet and participate! You should also keep track of Oskar Kihlborgs (the first Swede on Everest together with Mikeal Reuterswärd) new project Äventyrsakademin (The Adventure Academy). A school in outdoor life and adventure for children who have had a rough time. 
Now it is time to go home and present four outthought adventure projects to my wife. I have to take the chance immediately upon arriving home when she is extra glad to see me. Some glasses of wine and compromising by the fireplace. 
Many thanks to Crossing Borders and my good friend Måns Kämpe who have helped me with the texts and facts about equality. 

Thoughts about life: Everything starts with a dream. That transforms into a higher purpose. That transforms into an adventure. That transforms into effect goals. That transform into smart goals. That transform into a project plan. That transforms into a study plan. That transforms into a risk analysis. That transforms a diet and exercise schedule. That transforms into an equipment list. That transforms into a budget. That transforms into milestone goals. That transform into a list of activities. That transforms into a time plan. That transforms into cooperation and new great friendships. That transform into a realistic dream. That transforms into a REALISED DREAM! That's how I within me LIGHT MY FIRE. 

Equality: I hope that we will move forward in equality for all our sakes. Those who have it hardes are young girls and my hope is that this adventure project that has had equality as message, has made a difference. If only a little, then this has been worth every stroke of the oars. A new term called web grooming has appeared. "Grooming means that an adult takes sexual contact with a child, creates emotional bonds to children with the purpose to lower the child's guard against sexual harassment towards the child, or in a sexual purpose arranges a meeting with a child." Studies have shown that children who experience violence or threats about violence tend to develop Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome to a greater extent than other children who are exposed to other traumas. The threats that are spoken in conjunction with assault are often regarded as very serious by children, which leads to the child living with a death threat towards the mother that they see as real. Children who go through treatment to process their experiences of violence have described a world full of concern. The possibility of change is in many cases experienced as very small by the child. Young girls make up the largest group that have been exposed to both online violations and grooming. 

Day 24 (2014-06-30)

Landscape image: Still beautiful outer archipelago 
Weather: Cloudiness 8/8, south-westerly 4 m/s 
Distance: 24 km 
Average distance: 27 km 
Total distance: 647 km 
Position: Suuri-Lankouri 
Health/feelings: The desire to see a new place as well as enjoying the water got too great. 

I slept like a log through the storm and when I woke up around 10 AM it had passed on. The day has been characterised by mist and drizzle. Everything tends to get a little wet in that weather and then it is nice with woollen clothing which is the only material with the unique property, that it keeps warm even though it is wet. I'm not exactly soaking, but I'm a little moist and then a smoking hot cup of chocolate isn't too bad. The highlight of the day was when a white-tailed eagle flew low over the water with four seagulls after it. Today I have found a perfect island. No buildings, no nature protection, no military area and it is really beautiful. I also found a collection of water where lots of salamanders swam around. They are legally protected from harm and very rare. It was a long time since I last saw one and it made me really happy. I tend to enjoy a nap after dinner. It's probably because of my old age... Tomorrow I reach the final goal of the adventure. The Russian border! 

Thoughts about life: We will lose everything one day. When we get things it comes naturally that we also lose things. When we receive love it is equally natural that we receive sorrow. When we are born we don't own anything and we have no relationships.  We learn to love and we get and buy material things, many get a great affection value. It's natural then that life consists of losses. Some fear loss so much that they don't dare getting children or loving, and lock in safeguard their valuables. But loss creates a foundation for love, new life and takes out the best sides in people. Loss is also necessary for us to evolve as people- All loss follows a certain emotional track. It starts with denial. We refuse to realise that it has happened. After that comes wrath and the venting of out powerlessness. Then we try with everything we have to bargain and change the loss. When we realise the impossible in the bargaining we end up in depression and finally in the wonderful fact that we accept the loss. The acceptance of everything we cannot affect. If we realise the value of the acceptance we don't need to stay as long in each stage of loss. 

Equality: Threats, offences and harassment are crimes that affect all groups on the Internet, including boys and men, but primarily girls and women. To be afraid to express your opinions because of fear of retaliation threatens both freedom of speech and democracy itself. To hide behind anonymity and at the same time commit crimes and abuse of children and young people via the Internet has become a huge problem for the society. AnitSarkeesian describes what an incredible online battle that was started against her when she questioned the sexualisation in the world of computer games. Many Swedish female authors and reporters are afraid of how they express themselves and don't dare writing things they know will end up in threats and harassment. 

Day 23 (2014-06-29)

 Landscape image: Since I'm on the same cape as yesterday I'm still at the edge of the sea band with free horizon. 
Weather: Cloudiness 8/8, south-easterly 13 m/s 
Distance: 0 km 
Average distance: 27 km 
Total distance: 623 km 
Position: Saukonkari 
Health/feelings: Nice with a resting day. Who wants to row in strong headwind? 

Both I and the boat are so unprotected. There is nothing to stop rain, wind or waves. I have lifted the boat up on land and secured the tent with rocks. The perfect bay with protection from all directions and that I can almost see from here, of course has military signs on it. What's left is the small round capes. I don't want in to Askö harbour either. There are so many people there. I'm better off out here on my unprotected cape where I can smell the flowers. Where I can lie tucked down in a warm sleeping bag in my tent when the sea is crashing five metres away, the wind is roaring in the canvas and the rain is hammering. It is complete headwind so I don't even think about going out on the sea, instead I remain in the tent for 48 hours. It's a pity that I have to stay here for two days (sarcastic). I feel so alive in the nature and especially when it shows its best side. My water had almost run out but I have used the Jervenduken tarp to gather water and the depots are now full. I have filtered away all the dirt through my Bergans cap and it tastes lovely. I have gotten reception on a Russian telephone tower and the coverage is slightly better so no more tree climbing. Soon comes the difficult decision of what food  I'm going to choose for dinner. The toilet paper has almost run out but sea grass works much better than the seaweed that got to fill the same function in Norway. It's hard to blow your nose in it though. 

Thoughts about life: In all religions there are thousands of years of gathered wisdom. Don't reject this wonderful treasure of  wisdom and source of inexhaustible energy and force only because you are an atheist. Then you just throw away this source of wisdom. There is so much to learn from all religions and even mythologies which really are only older religions. But religion can also be lifted as a sword and inflict immense harm in the form of power abuse, with trials, crusades and so on. It is up to each and every one if they want to lift this formidable treasure as a book full of wisdom or a sword so horrific that it can make people kill themselves and unfortunately bring lots of others people with them to death. Alternative number three is that you ignore the treasure completely. Here comes a short prayer that shows what I mean. "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference." It is the practitioner of the religion who is good or evil. Religion is just wisdom and power that can be used for both good and evil purposes. 

Equality: To claim the feminism is something trendy is just as dumb as claiming that the environmental problems are. These incredible problems that affect us so greatly all over the planet can never be talked about enough, or branded as a passing fad. They will live on for hundreds of years and are our time's biggest and most difficult tasks. One out of five girls in Sweden today have or have had suicidal thoughts. 90 percent of the company heads in the advertisement industry are men. nine out of ten girls are dissatisfied with their appearance. Every second girl in ninth grade wants to lose weight. Every third young woman feels bad mentally. Women earn 3.6 million kronor less during their life despite today having a higher level of education than men. Women do seven weeks more housekeeping work than men. We have never had a female prime minister. 36000 rapes are committed every year, the highest number in Europe and four times higher than our Nordic neighbour countries. All this in Sweden that is supposed to be so equal. It's time for all of you who think Sweden is so equal and that it is sufficient as it is, to wake up! And do something about it too. The least you can do is to dare saying that you are a feminist. Which means that you think that women should be equal to men. 

Day 22 (2014-06-28)

Landscape image: Still at the edge of the sea band with free horizon. 
Weather: Cloudiness 1/8, southern 6 m/s 
Distance: 30 km 
Average distance: 28 km 
Total distance: 623 km 
Position: Saukonkari 
Health/feelings: Feel much better today. It feels sad that I am soon at my destination. I want to keep on rowing... but of course it will be fun to reunite with the family and I still have a couple of days left. 

I took it easy as usual in the morning. Something I learned from the Norwegian coast trip is to take more time and enjoy everything more. The daily distances are getting shorter and shorter. Not because I'm worn out but because I want to postpone the end. The freedom of outdoor life is amazing. All decisions are based solely on my intuition and time stops having any meaning. The solitude creates peace of mind and I never feel so mentally wonderful as when I without fossil fuels move forward in nature. Open sea for six hours today without anywhere to land. I have tried fifteen different ways of doing my natural needs in the boat and some are better than others. It works perfectly fine to cook warm food out on open sea even with high waters. I saw a bird flying towards me. It was different from all the others and when it flew over me I saw to my joy that it was a loon. Pure happiness spreads in my body. A more beautiful bird is hard to fins and its sound is magical. When I'd put up the tent, I saw that there was no service on the phone here. The solution was to climb up in the highest pine tree. Lots of pine needles and spider webs but what to do. It's lucky that the pines have low sitting branches this far out at sea. 

Thoughts about life: Turning things upside down can clarify so that you see some things clearer. A person lies on their deathbed and this is their last words: "I wish I had bought a Porsche. I wish I had spent more time inside at the computer or TV. I wish I had neglected my spouse and children. I wish I had earned another million. I wish I had worked more overtime and climbed even higher in my career and had more power. I wish I had pillaged and destroyed more of Mother Earth and our environment for personal gain. I wish I had had less spare time and did more of what I feel bad of. I wish I had tricked and deceived more people.I wish I had acted more violently, angrily and selfishly. I wish I had been more introvert, alone and suspicious towards people. I wish I had been more bitter and never forgiven any wrongs but instead avenged them. I wish I had oppressed, belittled and reduced the ones in my proximity to further be able to exert my power over them and control them after my will. I wish I had had a pessimistic state of mind and always believed the worst about everything and everyone. I wish I had never loved anyone. I whish I had hated and threatened people with death. I whish I had never fulfilled a single one of my many dreams in life..." 

Equality: Honour crimes and oppression can be expressed in different ways, for example like strict control, threats, force and violence. It's based in ideas about sex, power and sexuality and therefore have much in common with men's violence towards women in general. What differs honour crimes from other kinds of violence though, I that it is sanctioned by a collective and that honour, shame and the importance of a preserved virginity are central values. The collective consists of family, family and countrymen. Honour norms aren't tied to any specific religion or ethnical group but often the collective has a background in non-democratic communities with clear patriarchal family systems. The violence of course looks different in different families who live in an honour context. But the norm systems that the violence is a part of can be described like such that the men's and the family's reputation is dependent on the closely related girls' and women's behaviour, primarily when it comes to sexuality and virginity. Girls are supposed to be virgins when they marry and men must marry a virgin. It's not necessarily about the girl's behaviour in reality, rumours can be just as harmful to honour. Even though women and girls don't have their own honour, mothers are often part of exerting the control and oppression, because the daughter's behaviour reflects what kind of woman the mother is. The control can be everything from limitations in everyday life, for example about spare time activities and choice of clothing, to marriage and education. Boys are also exposed to this control, for example when they are forced to exert control over family members or are married against their will. The virginity demand, though, is only valid for girls. Girls who break the honour norms are blamed and punished. The one who performs the punishment, violence and oppression is encouraged or forced to it by their nearest related. The heterosexuality as a norm is central within the honour communities, which means that HBT people risk being threatened or violated if they live openly. Therefore they are an especially exposed group when it comes to honour related oppression and violence. 

Day 21 (2014-06-27)

Landscape image: At the edge of the sea band with free horizon. 
Weather: Cloudiness 2/8, southern 1 m/s 
Distance: 28 km 
Average distance: 28 km 
Total distance: 593 km 
Position: Kiviriki 
Health/feelings: I feel tired and a little drowsy today. Not very well in other words. 

Since I don't feel great today, I stayed in the tent for a long time and did everything in slow motion. When everything was done I took out a book and read for a couple of hours. Then my eagerness to see new islands got the upper hand and I hopped into the boat. The clouds acattered and the wind died. Garment after garment went off until I was rowing in just my underwear. Despite that it got too hot and there was nothing to do but jump into the water. I climbed back into the boat and continued to the only small capes in this area that aren't military. I'm lucky there isn't going to be any wind because then I will get washed over. I'm only 30 centimetres over the water level and I am grateful that there's no tide, which created such trouble in Norway. I have slept a couple of hours and now woken up. Have drunken a lot of water mixed with isotonic powder. I will surely feel better tomorrow. 

Thoughts about life: Happiness is incredibly important in life, but it's not the meaning of it. Paradoxal enough, happiness is easy to find but hard to discover. Those who live the simplest lives tend to also be the happiest, and joy can be found in the little things. Why are poor people often happy and rich people unhappy? Everyone can find happiness if they dig exactly where they stand. Instead most un around like dizzy chickens and look in a new place every time. They think that if they only move to the new place, they will fins happiness. They always get more material things and think that even more or even greater success will give them happiness. When they then get there they don't dig, but think out a new place where happiness must be. A never-ending searching without ever finding joy. They already have everything but don't see it and search and demand more all the time and then even more. Happiness is buried right at your feet. You must only dig just where you stand. If we stop and start digging we quickly understand that we have so incredibly much to be grateful for in the present. All of us already own the most valuable that exists. Life! Love and closeness in relationships. To exist is joy if you only can realise it. Often you don’t realise that you are happy until you look back at your life. If you lose something, you quickly understand how much joy it actually means to you. Take eyesight as an example. What a joy it is to just lie in bed and be able to look at the wonders of nature. You realise that immediately the day the sigh is taken away from you. Happiness can be found when realising what enormous joy there is in just existing. Everyone has the happiness as long as they understand that it is right in front of them, and stop chasing it. 

Equality: Why does no one talk about the fact that Sweden has the second most rapes per capita in the world? We have incredible problems with rapes in Sweden but at the same time we close our eyes and have no real course of action to solve the problem. 36 percent of women between 18 and 29 have been exposed to sexual assault in Sweden. 600 cases of rape are reported each year but only a couple hundred offenders are convicted. A crime that should be relatively easy to solve with the help of DNA proof and often known offenders, but instead the blame is indirectly put on the girl and questions about her behaviour and lifestyle. Questions that should be irrelevant. That Sweden has such high rape statistics is often excused by that we in Sweden are so good at reporting rape, but shouldn't we then have about the same statistics as our Nordic neighbours or for example England? Our rape statistics are 4 times higher than our neighbours. Also I don't find that explanation believable. I actually think women have a lower trust in the Swedish justice system in regards to all these farce trials that time and time again are brought up in the media. 

Day 20 (2014-06-26)

Landscape image: At the edge of the sea band with a free horizon. 
Weather: Cloudiness 6/8, easterly 6 m/s 
Distance: 15 km 
Average distance: 28 km 
Total distance: 565 km 
Position: Gåsören 
Health/feelings: Today my bottom aches. I have no blisters or chafes but I prefer using a cushion while sitting down. 

Today is my 40th birthday. A day that id like to fill with gratitude and contemplation over he past years. The boar is a real success here in Finland. I think Wim who's made the boat can count on more orders. It is not least the beauty of the boat that impresses. The feeling of rowing is magical and when I take a resting day I actually long back to the boat and rowing more. After breakfast with Octavie and her family we went down to the boat for goodbyes. I then told them that it's my birthday and they sang Happy Birthday while I rowed out towards the open sea. I had been tipped about an osprey nest and sure enough I saw the bird there. Since it was my birthday today I wanted to fin an island far out with solitude and room for contemplation. It's so nice to be rid of all the fuss and all the preparations, and just enjoy my birthday in the best possible way. Alone on a wonderful island with razorbills, seagulls, seals and a free horizon. I think that my friend Hans, the section leader for kayaking in Friluftsfrämjandet Knivsta had been marvelled over the beauty and the free water expanses out here. I feel an incredible gratitude to my wife and family who accept and make the fulfilment of these dreams possible. Rowing to Russia is a dream coming true and I can't imagine a better 40th birthday present than being out here. Thinking about you... 

Thoughts about life: We think we have plenty of time, until one day realising the opposite. We count on aging and dying of old age. We count on accidents and disease only affecting everyone else. Until something one day pulls away the curtain and we stand face to face with death. Hopefully death slips away and we get a new chance to take look at the time we have. Now I have lived for 40 years and I an grateful for these years. Maybe I wont get older. Who knows when my time has come. Therefore I am almost astonished and happily surprised when I am given a new year. I now live every year as if it were my last because that can actually be the case. I remember when I planed and dreamed about what I would do when I retire. I thought that I can fulfil my dreams then. Time is not unlimited and cannot be taken for granted. If you have dreams, there is only one time to fulfil them and that is now. There really doesn't exist anything else than now and there are no guarantees. Live life, don't wait for live. Dare to risk everything to time and time again fulfil the goals of your dreams no matter what they look like to you. 

Equality: The guilt and shame. Guilt is a feeling you get for something you have or haven't done. Shame is felt for your own persona. Often you get both these feelings when you are exposed to a crime or assault. You think, wrongly, that the blame is on yourself for what you did or didn't do or for what you said or didn't say. Regardless of all that, the entire blame is always on the offender. Especially young people take on the guilt and blame when they are victims of a crime. It gets even worse when they in the court of law are asked about their actions, clothing choices, drinking habits or previous sexual experience. Questions like that are only brought up when it comes to sexual crimes. The victim gets raped yet again. This time by the Swedish justice system. An eye-opener and probably also the primary reason to why I dedicated this adventure to equality, is the book "Flickan och skulden" ("The girl and the guilt") written by Katarina Wennstam. Read it! It should be a mandatory read for everyone. The best way of getting rid of the guilt feelings is to report and talk about what you've been exposed to. There is no guilt or shame in being a victim and if we don't report it, others will be exposed too. You are probably just a victim in the row of other victims. 

Day 19 (2014-06-25)

Landscape image: Open bays and lush little isles 
Weather: Cloudiness 7/8, northern 4 m/s 
Distance: 29 km 
Average distance: 29 km 
Total distance: 550 km 
Position: Hummelholmen 
Health/feelings: The body is completely adapted to rowing and I don't feel it anywhere anymore. 

After a long breakfast and lots of coffee I rowed fro one fantastic family to the next almost as fantastic family. An equally nice ornithologist as the first I met on Lågskär had invited me to their summer home too. The Lågskär ornithologists appeared to be a real fortune for me. As soon as I arrived I was met by beer and a heated sauna. I'm now getting used to the procedure and really appreciate the sauna and baths. The water is 12 degrees and is nice to slip down in after boiling in the sauna. Octavie, which is this lovely lady's name, lives here together with all her four children in the summer and most of them were there. They served me incredibly good food which I ate way too much of but it was worth it. The daughter and her husband were actors which brought us in on Finnish films and literature and I now have a lot to see and read when I get home. I know already now that more adventures will play out in in Finland as I will really appreciate the people and the nature here. After conversations all the way until midnight my tiredness finally won over the nice company. It was especially fun to see and hear how the youngest kid Viktor follows his dreams and defies his fears to really do what he wants to do. 

Thoughts about life: Intuitively you can feel immediately what people are open, happy, lively and seize the moment, and that have that twinkle in the eye and the playfulness left. They are bursting with life and seize the little moments and think good about everyone until the opposite is proved. They have no façade or defensive wall that has to be broken through. How wonderful isn't it that I got to meet two people like that on Lågskär? There are people who see the world as threatening and dark and then there are people who see it as bright and hopeful, filled with possibilities. Then there is of course the entire scale between those two extremes. Of course the world becomes brighter if you from the start have a bright viewpoint. 

Equality: The first you learn as a boy is that you shall not hit girls, but violence that are primarily exerted against women in close relationships is a gigantic problem that costs the society humongous amounts. Costs within healthcare, insurance, production and income loss, court and police fees. Women are exposed to rough and repeated relationship violence more often than men. When it comes to milder forms of violence like pushing, throwing things or pulling someone's hair affects men and women equally. Men are also exposed to sexual violence in close relationships, but then primarily by another man in a same-sex relationship, such as offensive sexual actions, rape and attempts to rape. Since 2004 the Swedish Prison and Probation Service works with the care programme IDAP (Integrated Domestic Abuse Programme) which aims to reduce relapses within crimes among adult men who have used violence in close heterosexual relationships. The programme was accredited in 2006. The treatment model originates from Minnesota, USA, and is based on experience and knowledge from thousands of women and men who have been exposed to violence, that have participated in a group treatment. In Sweden, IDAP has been developed as a non-institutional care programme and it is worked with both in prison and outside, as well as by organisations who help men who willingly seek help to stop using violence. So there is help to be had as long as you ask for it. 

Day 18 (2014-06-24)

Landscape image: Beautiful inner archipelago without disturbing buildings and yet again not a boat to be seen. 
Weather: Cloudiness 8/8, south-westerly 2 m/s 
Distance: 21 km 
Average distance: 29 km 
Total distance: 521 km 
Position: Kitö 
Health/feelings: Completely amazing day and so satisfied. Feel like a king. 

Woke up to completely cloudy and chilly weather. Though it was almost wind still and it is so relaxing to glide forward on still waters. A while ago I got an e-mail from the journalist Johanna Stenius who wrote an article about the Norway adventure. She invited me to her parent's home on Kitö. The row there only took 4 hours so we have had time for a lot of socialisation during the day with mandatory sauna, dinner and of course whiskey. How wonderful aren't all these spontaneous meetings with lovely people? Meetings that would have never happened otherwise and that enrich my life Today we have talked a lot about my favourite subject, how people used to live before, but also about journalistics and Johanna's book debut about being a parent today. The book will be published in time for the book fair and is titled "Distress call from the joy bubble". It will be fun to read it as today's parents easily should be able to recognise themselves. I finish the day with chocolate and beer, tucked down in a sofa. 

Thoughts about life: Fear limits so incredibly many people from daring to live life and fulfill their dreams. Fear is good in the way that it in some cases keeps us alive but people are afraid of so incredibly much more. To embarrass themselves, to not be enough, to lose material assets or safety. Every time I feel fear I think: does it mean a great danger for my life and does it mean that I can die? If not I push away the fear. I actually get happy that the fear ahs appeared because it means that I have moved outside my comfort zone and can develop and learn something new. In some cases people strangely enough ignore fear when it should be justified, for example when they drive irresponsibly. 

Equality: Both Swedish and international research shows that rough and repeated violence in heterosexual couples in most cases are men's violence toward women. What characterises it is that the victim had a close relationship to and often strong emotional bonds with the offender, which makes resistance and breaking up harder. The violence normally happens indoors in the victim's own home and increases in severity and intensity the longer the relationship goes on. The most regular form of violence in close relationship is exerted by a man toward a woman who he has or has had a romantic relationship with. When it comes to reported cases, in 2009 over 90 percent of the suspected offenders were men. The violence occurs in same-sex relationships too, as well as by women against men in heterosexual relationships.  
Around 80 percent of the violence toward women in close relationships are never known by the police. Only 19 percent of these cases are never cleared up, despite the fact that the offender oftentimes is known and there are lots of documented proof. A strangely low percentage if compared to other violence related crimes where they often have less proof to work with.

Day 17 (2014-06-23)

Landscape image: Nice little cape surrounded by inner archipelago with lots of buildings 
Weather: Cloudiness 0/8, easterly 4 m/s 
Distance: 0 km 
Average distance: 29 km 
Total distance: 500 km 
Health/feelings: Really nice with a resting day. Only 12 degrees but bright sunshine. 

Today is really a lazy day, but oh so nice. I'm out in the sun, sleeping, eating, reading, listening to music and relaxing in the tent. You might be wondering how the fishing has gone and I have had nothing on the hook since the sea trout. I haven't fished that very much but the lack of fish in the outer archipelago is large. It's easier in Norway! The music consists of as always classical music but also Melissa Horn and Veronica Maggio. In Norway I listened a lot to Grief because it felt fitting there. I have also ploughed through Isaac Asimov's novel series about the Foundation due to a tip from my personal trainer on Form in Knivsta. It's interesting how a Sci Fi novel can describe the power plays of humans so accurately. The island is really small and I have walked around on it many times and felt like I knew it. I jumped two metres when a common merganser lifted behind me completely unexpectedly. it lay brooding so I quickly returned to the tent so it could return. Though I did have time to take a picture of the beautiful nest. 

Thoughts about life: All relationships contain love and it's not enough with just the love from your partner. We both give and receive love in all relationships, but the only thing we can control ourselves is the love we give The love we receive is just a bonus. Demanding love is a mistake that instead kills the existing love in a relationship. It's also a mistake to demand that your partner to end existing relationships with friends or family. It kills the existing love. You can give each other faithfulness, but never demand love or that the partner ends their other relationships. You never own each other and there are no demands that are to be fulfilled, everything in a relationship should be on both parts' terms, terms which should be brought forth through discussion. otherwise it is hardly equal. 

Equality: In 2012, 16,900 sexual crimes were reported. Sexual crimes is one of the crime types which is reported least. It's estimated that 23 percent of the sexual crimes are reported. In 2012 in total 2880 child rapes were reported, against children in ages 0-17. In 10 percent of the cases the victims were boys. Among the adult victims 96 percent were women and 4 percent men. The primary suspects of sexual crimes are sexual crimes; of the suspects only 2 percent are women. Young men dominate among the offenders, while young women are overrepresented among the victims - something that is clear in the National Safety Research (NTU) and the criminal statistics. That norms and attitudes for what is actually rape isn't clear is probably a contributing reason that so many offenders are young. An important reason to this is the unclear laws around rape (that you have to make physical resistance and that a no lacks importance in the court of law) and that we don't educate our children in this during the sex education, which is only about biological facts. Therefore education in equality is necessary. 

Day 16 (2014-06-22)

 Landscape image: Urban archipelago with lots of boats, ships and cruisers. 
Weather: Cloudiness 8/8, south-easterly 5 m/s 
Distance: 28 km 
Average distance: 31 km 
Total distance: 500 km 
Health/feelings: I feel perfectly great despite rain, cold and headwind 

Blisters only form in the lazy man's hand. Good then that I don't have blisters anymore. At 9 Am I got a text that said that breakfast was served. After doing the morning business and saying goodbye I set my course for Helsinki. I wanted to see Sveaborg and it was a mighty fortress. one of the world's largest naval forts and it's on the Unesco world heritage list. Apparently Sweden's most expensive defensive project ever; it was built under Swedish rule in 1748. I got to see it from the sea but chose to keep going since it is cold and rainy, and the best way to keep warm is to row. It's just eight degrees Celsius today. Where is the summer? I found a wonderful little cape to camp on and I'm really cozy in the tent with a lit candle. A little candle in the tent makes a large difference both for warmth and against moisture, and I've noticed that it's fitting when the weather is wet. The Järven tarp has been used extensively today as it both warms and protects against rain. Since it is camouflaged it also hides me in case the Russians would come. Now there are buildings everywhere but the night's campsite was a jackpot. It keeps on raining outside despite the forecast saying something else. 

Thoughts about life: My wife reminded me today that the lack of critique and feedback can also be taken negatively. There is something that is so hard but at the same time so easy to give, what most people, including myself, often forget to give, and that is praise. Confirm and tell your close ones that you love and appreciate them. I'm going to call home now and do just that. Do it you too. 

Equality: Here comes some interesting facts about equality in the world. One out of three women are exposed to violence in their lifetime. One of three girls in developing countries are married off before they've turned eighteen. 140 million women have been mutilated. Between 40 and 50 percent of the women in the EU have been sexually harassed. The cost of violence in close relations for the British society is 22.9 billion pounds every year. 

Day 15 (2014-06-21)

Landscape image: Inner archipelago with lots of buildings and many reefs. 
Weather: Cloudiness 5/8, South-westerly 7 m/s 
Distance: 22 km 
Average distance: 31 km 
Total distance: 472 km 
Position: Bockholmen 
Health/feelings: Stuffed, washed clean, new clothes and slightly drunk. 

Woke up to still winds and bright sunshine. I quickly packed my things and got out on the water. I had been contacted by Bo from Knivsta whose family home is right before Helsinki and I had thereby been invited there. A storm cloud formed and the wind started blowing stronger with powerful gusts making be fly across the water. It was enough just steering the boat. I therefore arrived a whole hour earlier than I expected. A Midsummer lunch with snaps and beer awaited when I arrived. After that the whole family gathered and we were at least twenty people. Everyone was curious and it was just to start telling them about what I did, how I did it and why. Then it was time for Finnish sauna, a bath and washing. Then a walk around the island and a history lesson about both childhood memories and things that happened 200 years ago. We among other things climbed a rock that Bo hadn't stood on for 60 years. Then I got storied about Russian grenades and about a shipwrecked family on a fishing trip where the entire family died except the father. After all that you could imagine that I wouldn't have the energy to keep on going, but we kept on with stories, politics and whiskey until 1 AM. To sum it up I had a really great day. I also got a little lesson from the neighbour lady who had read my blog and said that they do have Skogsmulle in Finland even though he doesn't show up as often in the forest here as in Sweden. Now I have to sleep! 

Thoughts about life: If you only tell a person what they are doing wrong or are bad at, that is nothing but a verbal punch against that person. It is simply bad critique and the only result of it is getting verbal violence back as defence from the other person. Got critique is when you instead tell the person about the effect or consequence of the problem/error and how you are affected or feel about it. In critique you also always have to present a course of action that solves the problem/error. 

Equality: Many Swedish citizens today have foreign traditions cultures and religions which of course enriches our society through different aspects. But unfortunately it also in many cases brings an ancient view on equality and women. Not unlike the one we had in Sweden around 200 years ago. New types of crimes such as genital mutilation and honour crimes have appeared. In the beginning we were paralyzed and uncomprehending but relatively quickly new effective laws were made against this and it is now illegal and punishable even if the crime is committed abroad. Many honour crimes have been committed such as Pela and Fadimeand now in 2014 a whole class of girls have been mutilated which for the means a life long handicap. But if we when it comes to this have a working law system, what remains to be done about these problems? It can be concluded in one word: education! The failure in that these girls have been mutilated is not at the parents because they have done as they've been taught and always done. The failure is at the Swedish integration and education system because we do not educate people in soft values. Education in equality should of course be included both in the school curriculum and the integration plan. 

Day 14 (2014-06-20)

Landscape image: Open passage and thereafter inner archipelago.
Weather: Cloudiness 6/8, north-westerly 5 m/s
Distance: 41 km
Average distance: 32 km
Total distance: 450 km
Position: Skjulö
Health/feelings: Finally I have reached the meditative, peaceful state of mind. I don't know why it took so long this time, but it is here now.

I have offset the day which doesn't matter much at all. I woke of voices and it appeared to be the owners of the island who had their cabin in the next bay. They walked around the island collecting all the rubbish that had floated in the past year. Imagine if everyone did that. After some small talk I was invited to theirs for coffee and I packed my things and rowed over. The female owner told me that she during her 25 years there never invited an unknown lander home because the ones who had landed there before either hadn't respected the freedom to roam or hadn't been nice. I think that it's because that there is no Skogsmulle (forest school for children) here. It feels really fun to be able to break that trend. The coffee was very good with both fruit and chocolate snacks. They knew about everything about the archipelago and were inveterate sailors, so I got many good tips about future routing. I left their beautiful bay rather late and went out on a four hour passing. I continued a bit into the evening and saw fires here and there. Both Finns and Norwegians light large bonfires on Midsummer eve. I see a bonfire and hear song from the place where I have put up the tent. I had surely been able to row there and joined the festivities but I choose solitude instead.

Thoughts about life: Don't break a promise you've made. Not out of respect for the other part, but for yourself. Your promise reflects your values and if you break the promise maybe because of some short term stimulus, you break your own values at the same time. If you cannot trust yourself and your own values, you will feel bad but most importantly, you will not be able to trust others either. If you can't trust yourself then how could you trust anyone else? Always be very sceptical toward people who display jealousy because that means that they don't trust others, which also means that they don't trust themselves. How can you trust a person that doesn't even trust themselves?

Equality: How can it be that we in prominent countries have so many mentally based diseases when all the material needs are satisfied? Self harm and eating disorders mostly affect girls. The reasons are several but one contributing one is probably the unhealthy body ideals that girls all their lives get printed in their minds. Already in young years with Barbie dolls and cartoons, the girls get to see women with disproportionate bodies. Everything is enlarged or scaled down. Body ideals that are completely impossible to reach. 99 percent of all pictures in advertising and media are retouched, which means that they have changed the body shape and erased and evened out. Additionally, women are often shown in submissive, sexual positions. Plastic surgery has become a billion dollar industry. I think it is okay when restoring yourself to your original looks and everyone can of course do as they wish. But it is sad when people feel insufficient because they look human. I have broken my nose twice (the second time in the mountains when I climbed Kebnekaise) and have thought about restoring it but it has, during the twenty years that have passed, not felt so important that I have taken the step. it's an old cliché but it is actually true that beauty comes from the inside and the charm is in the little defects. No one is perfect and it would be boring if everyone was. I'd wish that pictures that aren't retouched get a kind of marking. I think that companies then would want to have that marking on their ads just like they want organic or Fairtrade markings on their wares.

Day 13 (2014-06-19)

Landscape image: Outer archipelago with bare islands and skerries. 
Weather:  Cloudiness 8/8, westerly 4 m/s 
Distance: 37 km 
Average distance: 31 km 
Total distance: 409 km 
Position: Påvskär 
Health/feelings: The hands are completely hardened and I no longer need gloves. The forearm is clearly better and doesn't need medication anymore. It's nice to row in calm waters. 

Rain all day, but that doesn't disturb me. I prefer rain over scorching sun because I get so sweaty and the sun is very rough for the skin. Though I have to watch out for slippery rocks and cliffs so I don't fall. I hadn't planned to row very far today but when I started to look for a place to stay the night it turned out to be very difficult.The islands that didn't have houses instead had bird protection so I finally set my sights on a new island one hour away. When I got there I was met by a military area. Sigh! I wanted to land somewhere badly. So I continued to yet another island that also has bird protection. Finally I get to one where I'm allowed to disembark. There are bad conditions for camping but that doesn't mean anything at this stage. Up with the tent, cooked dinner and then I fell asleep almost instantly. Wonderful! Now I have woken and realise that I need to write the daily report. So I'm writing this half-awake. Today it was acknowledged that Bergans will be Friluftsfrämjandet's official clothes partner and because I'm ambassador for both it feels extra fun! 

Thoughts about life: Embrace the emptiness if you feel restless and empty inside. Don't flee the feeling, affirm it. Allow yourself to do nothing at all- Emptiness is what is between all the activities we perform Instead of constantly rushing on to the next action, stop for a while and feel the emptiness. Twist and turn it. Less "do", more "be". Alow yourself to be and push away the bad conscience that thinks that you must do things. Being present in the present is much more important than constantly doing things. 

Equality: It's especially sensitive when masculinity identities are discussed and what consequences that ideas about "manliness" bring. One example is the debate about men's violence towards women. Despite the fact that women's and men's behaviour siffer significantly, and that men's violence towards women make up a large well-documented problem of our society, it is a sensitive subject. When it comes to reported cases of violence, 90 percent of the suspects were men in 2009. To reach a change, we must discuss sensitive subjects too. Feministic issues are in many cases provocative, despite the belief in change and that for example men's violence towards women doesn't need to be a constant phenomenon. It's also interesting that a new and practical word like "hen" (Swedish word for undefined gender, neither "he" nor "she"), which means that you won't have to write "he or she", can upset so many. 

Day 12 (2014-6-18)

Landscape image: Outer archipelago with bare islands and skerries  
Weather: Cloudiness 6/8, north-westerly 9 m/s 
Distance: 34 km 
Average distance: 31 km 
Total distance: 372 km 
Position: Lill Jussarö 
Health/feelings: The body was set on rest today but I defied the feeling and instead rowed in a nice and easy tempo. 

It was a nice morning with some rain in the air. The watch Suunto Ambit2 keeps track of the air pressure and it was sinking. During the rowing I was interviewed by Hufvudstadsbladet and they thought the article would be published during the day. I would love for the rowing and my message to reach as many as possible and it feels good to reach the Finns too.I took a lunch break o nan island today, instead of cooking the food in the boat as usual. Rowing in 9 m/s now feels like rowing in wind still weather if comparing with yesterday. Many of the islands have a landing prohibition for nature protection, and that is all year as opposed to Sweden where we only have it during the breeding periods. The best bays always have buildings but I don't need so much space. Two square metres for the tent, and lee for the Vagabond and I'm happy. My Bergans tent Antarctica is the largest tent I've used because I've previously used a one-man tent. Antarctica is a two-man tent and I have to admit that it is really nice with the extra space. As always Bergans offers great functionality and quality as well as being among the first who stopped using perfluorinated materials in production, which many other producers still haven't done. All the clothes I use come from Bergans and I only use wool and never fleece. Members f Friluftsfrämjandet can buy Bergans products for a reduced price in the Friluftsfrämjandet web shop. I now feel really dirty and I will probably unfortunately need to take an evening swim despite the cold weather. Both air and water temperature are now 14 degrees Celsius 

Thoughts about life: Do you know yourself and your true self? When all the roles and masks are completely stripped off and you only have your own unique self left. Many don't meet their true self until on their death bed or when they are face to face with death but survive with a tiny margin. Look for your true self earlier because it is so tragic that we find out what's important in life as late as on our death bed. 

Equality: We leave the law of consent for a while because it upsets me that we still do not have it. If I remember correctly it was as late as last year that the chairman of Svenskt Näringsliv (Swedish Business) said in the news that the lack of women in Swedish companies' management board is a result of a lack of women with competence in Sweden. It can't get more wrong than that! On the whole many company heads and decision makers have lacklustre knowledge about equality, and they thereby miss a huge potential for development for their company, both on the economic and the personal plane. Leadership sets the norm for the company ad it is therefore important with clear communication with your employees and to reflect around the current culture and to actively work for equality, both in the ongoing work for equality and in the dialogue at the workplace. Studies show that a more equal representation of women and men in a workplace creates a higher viability for the company. Studies have also shown that companies with both women and men in the management board have a higher revenue. And still the percentage of women with a head position is only 25 % in private companies. Should that be interpreted as that the companies don't want higher revenue? Additionally, several studies have came to the conclusion that female leaders have greater leadership qualities and a greater skill to reach set goals. 

Day 11 (2014-06-18)

Landscape image: Beautiful middle archipelago with a swarm of large and small islands.
Weather: Cloudiness 2/8, north-westerly 14 m/s
Distance: 41 km
Average distance: 31 km
Total distance: 338 km
Position: Andalskären
Health/feelings: Completely exhausted after being thrown back and forth between the wave tips. I had to finish the day earlier for recovery. Now I'm really enjoying lying in the tent after an abundantly generous dinner.

Ate breakfast with Tinttu and Janne for probably two hours. Then they followed me down to the boat for goodbyes. There was a strong north-westerly wind but I thought I'd get to the open bay to really check the conditions and the passage. It was way too windy for me to have chance to row against the wind and there was a certain risk of the wind blowing me out at sea. There were, though, a couple of islands further out that in a worst case scenario could catch me. After a lot of consideration I decided to cross the bay anyway. Today I was really outside my comfort zone and I was fully busy trying to keep course. The Vagabond dances over the waves and there are absolutely no problems with stability. Despite the fact that the railing is only 30 centimetres above the surface, I only took in water twice. After five hours I finally reached the southernmost Finnish cape and am now officially inside the Gulf of Finland. But I'm not halfway yet. The Gulf is long! I tried several times to find an island to land on but I had to keep looking for a new one every time. There are a lot of ships and large vessels here and finally I found a group of isles that are protected from both surge waves and the rough wind.

Thoughts about life: Don't be so afraid of death, that you don't dare to live life. Don't be afraid to take calculated risks to get a more eventful and developing life. We cannot and should not protect ourselves against everything. Look at the children .They step outside their comfort zones everyday and therefore develop very quickly. Sure they fall and hurt themselves, but often not worse than that they get some grazes. If you can't do it then at least you've tried. My mother has taught me this and I wonder if she doesn't regret it a little today.

Equality: In Sweden we do not have a law of consent, which several other countries do. Sex with a person who does not partake willingly is a crime no matter how you look at it. We should therefore as soon as possible change the law to "consent" instead of today's "forced intercourse" which in reality means that you need to make physical resistance and a "no" isn't enough. That no actually means no is natural for most people but not within Swedish law. In Sweden you need to through threats and violence force someone to sex for it to be seen as rape. It is very remarkable as the most common reaction while being raped is that you become passive, paralyzed and don't move. An increasing group of people demand a changed law because of the recent cases where several rapists have been judged as innocent due to an unclear law interpretation. Both the Left Party, the Green Party and the People's Party are in favour of a law of consent. Already in kindergarten we teach our children that no means no. Shouldn't that also be true when it comes to rape? In my mind sexual intercourse happens through consultation, consideration, listening and respect. Is that wrong?

Dag 10 (2014-06-16)

Landscape image: Beautiful middle archipelago with a swarm of big and small islands- 
Weather: Cloudiness 2/8, North-westerly 12 m/s 
Distance: 22 km 
Average distance: 30 km 
Total distance: 297 km 
Position: Rosala 
Health/feelings: After several days of nice solitude it now feels comfotable to yet again converse with people. The forearm swells during the day but recovers pretty well during the night's sleep. It seems to have reached status quo. 

I got up rested and exited the tent to satisfy my morning needs. Crept back into the tent which I had left open when I was out. After a while it starts to sting here and there. I recognise the symptoms, and as I thought red ants had invaded the tent during my short absence. I even find them in my underwear. I have always disliked when they get in there. The hunt begins and no one is spared. 
Out at see I just as yesterday had good tailwind and it is a pure and sheer joy to fly forth on the wave tips. One of the ornithologists on Lågskär invited me over to their summer cabin here on Rosala so I did a short rowing stretch today because I arrived already at 2 PM. They don't arrive until the evening though but their nice neighbours welcomed me instead and offered me some wonderful chicken with pasta. The evening was then spent on a lot of nice company and I got to learn a lot about the Finland-Swedish and the surroundings. 

Thoughts about life: It is incredibly difficult to control your first impulsive thought; it is easier to contro lthe second. Don't act on the first thought, but contemplate and process thought number two instead. Especially if it's about a decision, ask if you can return with an answer, sleep on it. Often both actions and decisions become so much better from that. 

Equality: if one looks a bit closer at the law one can quickly see that it is ancient when it comes to certain crimes. Not until 1999 was it made illegal to possess child pornography. Pictures that are made through crimes against children, mostly girls but of course also boys. How could it go so long before we got a law against that? Not until 2010 it was followed by the natural step to also forbid watching child pornography. Now that the law exists there is hardly anyone complaining about it, but that wasn't the case when it was to be enacted. There was actually a lot of resistance. The next natural step forward must be the law of consent. That both partners need to agree on sex. Should be the most natural thing, but is yet again met by protests.

Day 9 (2014-06-15)

Landscape image: Outer archipelago with spread out islands  
Weather: Cloudiness 4/8, westerly 9 m/s 
Distance: 50 km 
Average distance: 31 km 
Total distance: 275 km 
Position: Ängeskär 
Health/feelings: Intense rowing in tailwind resulted in that the arm that had become better from rest, is now swollen and squeaking again. Otherwise I'm comfortably tired and pleased. 

I woke of something doing an infernal buzzing. It was the mosquitos that had found my humble habitation. I went out to take down the camp and a battle started. The mosquitos won I think, but many died on the battlefield. They followed me a bit out at sea but finally retreated. Then some lovely rowing in tailwind awaited. Wonderful! Just rowing for a whole day is extremely soothing and meditative. In the end I got tired and found a camp site. It isn't optimal because it doesn't have protection from surge waves but it's completely protected from the wind. I haven't seen a singly ship in the whole day though, so I hope it will stay like that tonight. Everything is always about calculated risks. 

Thoughts about life: An aphorism is a sententiously formulated reflection or observation, mostly expressed as a proverb or a tenet often as an antithesis or a paradox. All monotonous physical activity such as for example hiking, running, cycling, paddling, rowing, woodcutting etc results in that you after a couple of hours enter a meditative state when you can reflect about life. The aphorisms have grown out of these moments but also through deep conversations with close friends and through studying different Buddhist life views. 

Equality: It's about what kind of society we want to live in and about that sexes shouldn't make the rules. The opposite, inequality, means different rights, duties and opportunities depending on the sex. This hits both ways but much more against girls than boys in today's Sweden. It's about everything from the fact that girls during their growth get less time from teachers in school and less resources for spare time interests, to worse career opportunities and lower salary levels for adults. An equal society is a condition for everyone's full potential to be recovered, and for everyone to be able to be like they want to be. Whole society wins on equality as it means that people's competence and creative force is recovered.

Day 8 (2014-06-14)

Landscape image: Outer archipelago with spread out islands
Weather: Cloudiness 8/8, northern 12 m/s
Distance: 0 km
Average distance: 28 km
Total distance: 225 km
Position: Huslandet
Health/feelings: How wonderful isn't it to just relax and take it easy a whole day after hard work.

Not much has happened today. I've slept, eaten and read alternately. Went to the sweet water lake and took a bath in the 26 degree warm water. There were lots of tadpole. I sank down to the thighs in mud. The view from the tent is magnificent and lots of birds offer fine shows and song lessons. It's hard to realise that I've been put for eight days. It feels like maximum three days. The solar panels have lied out all day and now all the batteries are fully charged. I also managed to find the coffee today which was really nice. He who looks shall find!

Thoughts about life: What is the greatest challenge in achieving positive changed or reaching the goal of your dreams? The answer is simple as it often is when it is right: taking the first step! Rowing a small boat to Russia is really not harder than taking a walk with the dog. It can hardly get safer than sleeping in a tent on a desert island in the ocean. If you walk five kilometres a day with the dog, that actually adds up to 1830 kilometres in a year. It's like walking to Italy! You only need to take the first step!

Equality: A simple tool for equality is asking yourself if what is accepted for man is equally accepted for the woman?
It's a trick that my wife often does and that has opened my eyes more than once. Such a simple question! How would you react if I did the same thing as you? It also works like a simple precept when my wife isn't near. Would it be okay if it were she who did it? It hasn't limited me, it's rather made me conscious about the fact that she has the same rights as I, and of course vice versa.

Day 7 (2014-06-13)

Landscape image:  Outer archipelago with spread out islands 
Weather: Cloudiness 8/8, northern 10 m/s 
Distance: 28 km 
Average distance: 32 km 
Total distance: 225 km 
Position: Huslandet 
Health/feelings: The hands have hardened and the forearm actually feels better. The squeaking remains, though. 

Woke up early and today was the first day for the dry suit. I haven't felt the need for it until now because the weather has been to my advantage. Though I have always kept it accessible if the weather were to change quickly. In Norway I used the dry suit almost every day. The suit is wonderful and realy comfortable to wear. A four layer Gore-Tex from Ursuit with extra strong fabric on the knees, backside and in the armpits. And of course with a peeing hatch on the front. I've had wind and rain right into the side of the boat. No water in the boat despite the fact that it is windier today. I almost hit a reef today. Imagine my surprise when it shows up two metres away from the side of the boat on open water. It is nice with rear-view mirrors, but I have too look in them too. I really prefer when the wind comes from behind instead! The island I am currently on really has everything for survival. A sweet water lake, lichen, heather, brittle birch leaves and cattail. But the food from 24 hour meals offers lavish three course meals. For starters dried ox meat, main course chicken with pasta and sweet & sour sauce, and orange sponge cake for dessert. The only problem is that I have to go to the loo every day. In Norway I only needed to empty the bowels every fifth day. But it is really worth it. The view is all right. It is really windy, has ben raining some and is a bit chilly. So I'm not complaining about a cup of hot chocolate. The coffee is still nowhere to be found. Can someone please help me search! 

Thoughts about life: Why this great belief that the grass is always greener on the other side? Why all these trips to the other side of the world? The treasure is often right in front of you. The Nordics are amazingly beautiful with large untouched, wild areas of utter loveliness. To get there you don't need much. A rowing boat, tent, sleeping bag, a camping stove, clothes and food. Camera and solar cells so you can capture the experience and share it. If you lack the knowledge, Friluftsfrämjandet has thousands of activities and excursions in your vicinity. It is through them that I have learned everything about outdoor life. The key to true freedom. 

Equality: The gender term is borrowed from linguistics where it is used to name the "sex" of a word, and in the equality work it means "social sex". Gender is about how we imagine sexes, like for example what is masculine or feminine. It isn't harder than that. Gender is shaped by history and culture and ever-changing. As late as the 18th century the Swedish norm was a one sex model where women were seen as incomplete men. This was reflected in for example laws which made it so that widows could take on roles that were otherwise reserved for their husbands. Since then a paradigm shift has happened, into seeing sexes as connected to the being, and as a complement. Today the colour pink seen as feminine, while it was previously seen as a manly colour. We only need to look back a couple of decades to find occupations that have gone from being seen as men's or women's work, to neutral, or that in a hundred years have even shifted over to the other sex. All this are examples of how gender norms have changed, while the biology has remained unchanged. The word sex contains two opposite terms, the biological and the social sex. Most people can be classed as biological woman or man and more or less carry male or female physical characteristics. It is in the social gender that there is potential for change. We must for example straighten out the problems around the fact that boys are accepted as messy and rowdy, while we absolutely do not accept the same behaviour in girls, where we instead demand that they be timid and quiet and act like orderly shock absorbers in the group, and to also put up with the boys' uninhibited outfalls. Or the fact that we expect girls to set the table and do the dishes. The gender is practically frames of guidelines and borders who limit both sexes to develop fully as well as being free to do, be, think, feel what they want.

Day 6 (2014-06-12)

Landscape image: Open bay which got changed for a labyrinth of little isles. 
Weather: Cloudiness 7/8, north-westerly 9 m/s 
Distance: 26 km 
Average distance: 33 km 
Total distance: 197 km 
Position: Snässkär 
Health/feelings: Extremely tired and stopped rowing early. The forearm squeaks like an old barn door. 

Got started a little late. It was difficult to leave the nice sleeping bag. I had a large bay to cross. Saw seals today too. No leisure boats since the Stockholm archipelago. In the middle of the bay the wind quickly got stronger. The Vagabond practically dances over the waves. The seagull principle means that it floats on the waves like a seagull. A larger and heavier vessel instead hits the waves and must therefore be made to resist the forces of the sea. The smaller vessels don't need that. A pair waves came over the edge and splashed me down a bit. Then I had to row in headwind to get north of Kökar. I saw on the sea charts that there was a ferry camp on the north side and I wanted to get there to stock up on water. This ferry camp didn't have any water though so I could have chosen tailwind instead and went south of the island. In the labyrinth of little isles a fishing village appeared instead and there I got water from a nice lady. The headwind rowing took all my strength, so I stopped in the first best place. So wonderful to just relax in the tent. The book "On camelback through the desert" awaits. 

Thoughts about life: Everything is always in constant change. To counter change is an impossible thing doomed to fail.To stick to the past and claim that it was better then is equally impossible. There is no past. There is no future. The only thing that exists is a lot of presents stacked upon each other. Every present is different from the one before it. 

Equality: Both men's and women's attitudes must change to reflect a more equal society. If you change a country's attitude you will get everyone against you, because you then do not share the current attitudes of the society. This means that you have to be strong as an individual and be able to make yourself uncomfortable and be ready to endure massive criticism and threats from all those who want to preserve their often wrong and restricted attitudes. All the women's fighters in all ages have met a huge resistance in their fight for a changed society. My uttermost respect to them and those who today fight for an increased equality. I am convinced that in a hundred years writers and women's fighters of today like Katarina Wennstam and Maria Sveland will be idolised just as much as Fredrika Bremer. History repeats itself again and again when female fighters indefatigably fight in strong headwind against unjust norms and a massive resistance from the common opinion.

Day 5 (2014-06-11)

Landscape image: Beautiful free horizon on a low island filled with juniper and butterfly orchids 
Weather: Cloudiness 4/8, south-westerly 4 m/s 
Distance: 42 km 
Average distance: 34 km 
Total distance: 171 km 
Position: Dömmanskär 
Health/feelings: The blisters on the hands don’t trouble me anymore. Some have hardened and new skin has formed under the fluid-filled ones. The swelling on the forearm is unchanged. I'm feeling like a king! 

Got woken at 6 AM by Raisa Tanner who arranged the tour for all the ornithologists. There was porridge left over if I wanted breakfast. Of course I accepted the offer and got to enjoy my first cup of coffee in five days. I have coffee with me but I can't find it. I'm too lazy to turn everything inside out to find it. It will appear in time. I don't know how I've managed to hide the coffee so well. I then steered straight eastward and eventually reached a small group of islands. Talk about free horizon! Many seals and even more razorbills. Our own Swedish penguin. I love the kayak but have always ogled the beautiful Vagabond. The rowing boats' version of the sea kayak. I can tell you that it just as beautiful to look backwards as forwards. Additionally you get to see a lot more seals since they prefer going up behind the boat. The boat can take a three times larger load and it's nice to be able to stand up, cook and take a nap in the boat. You simply don't need to disembark. It's faster than the kayak too. But I' kayak leader in Friluftsfrämjandet and my local group doesn't need to worry that I will bring the rowing boat instead next time. Outside the tent there is a butterfly orchid spreading its strong and good scent. Tonight it will rain and maybe be thunder. Is there anything better than the sound of rain on the tent canvas? 

Thoughts about life: My father has always been a very calm man who has never roared up unnecessarily. One time when I was little I asked him why never got angry. He replied that he simply didn't like being angry. That made a deep impression on me. We clearly decide for ourselves how we want to react on things. We can make conscious choices. To understand that it is unnecessary to waste energy on things we  cannot affect such as a parking ticket. Accepteance of everything we can't affect. It is what it is. Not more, not less. 

Equality: 1960 the first female priest was ordained but I remember that many male priests were openly against this as late as the 90's. As late as last year we got our first female arch bishop. Nowadays there is hardly anyone that reacts on a female doctor or priest. But we don't need to go that far back. in 1989 all occupations were opened for women. We have a law that says equal payment for equal work but it isn't followed. Seen to the whole labour market, women's pays are 86 percent lower than men's pays for equal work despite the fact that women have a higher level of education than the men doing the same job. 

Day 4 (2014-06-10)

Landscape image: island full of low growth with few trees. Reed and buckthorn. Surrounded by sea with beautiful cliffs. 
Weather: Cloudiness 1/8, north-easterly 8 m/s 
Distance: 0 km 
Average distance: 32 km 
Total distance: 129 km 
Position: Lågskär 
Health/feelings: The forearm still aches but the swelling is not as bad. I have treated it with Voltaren lotion. 

I slept for a good long while. Stayed in the tent and read the magazine Friluftsliv published by Friluftsfrämjandet. It's as good as Outside and Utemagasinet and also I am on the cover. The ornithologists invited me on a walk around the island and we got to see all these birds: Sea skua, shrike, razorbill, black guillemot, tufted duck, eider, red-breasted merganser, sea swallow, house martin, redshank, plover, oystercatcher, willow warbler and velvet scoter. 
Amazingly educative to study birds with people who know so much. Dinner, wine, real Finnish firewood sauna and an ocean swim waited after wards so I'm hardly in distress out here. There are lots of snakes too and you have to stomp a lot when using the outhouse restroom because they thrive extra well there. If you look down in the toilet hole you can see them slither away. I was bitten by an adder in the thumb a couple of years ago but I can imagine worse laces to get bitten. A calm evening in the tent awaits. 

Thoughs about life: Do you want to survive or do you want to live life? Is life a struggle or a unique trip? Is it enough to just go to work to make money and then consume? Is it enough to just be sick and sit at home? There is so much to do even if you are sick or disabled, and all mistakes become new wisdom. For life to have a meaning you have to engage yourself and try to affect others and the world. Engage yourself in the matters of your heart, your passions. Surely you in particular have unique experiences and knowledge and can help to affect and create a better future. Your experience is valuable but only if you use it. If not they are lost to no use. All adversities in life are educative experiences. If life is just a fight for survival you are living it the wrong way and large changes are required. These changes can only be made by you. 

Equality: Every time laws or norms are changed for increased equality it has created loud protests, mostly from men but also from women. That happened for example when female suffrage was introduced in 1921 or when the first female news reader in Swedish radio did her first broadcast. People were yelling that we can't have it this way, can we? That it was unnatural. If you look at it today it can even seem comical but history repeats every time we shift the deeply rooted gender roles. If you go back a while in history, we in Sweden have had the exact same problems that many countries still have. Before 1864 men had legal right to beat their wife and not until 1872 did the woman get to decide for herself who to marry. But not until 1982 did it became criminal to rape your spouse. In 1935 women started getting as large a pension as men, but that is a modified truth. Women still get lower pension because it is calculated on their longer life expectancy. 

Day 3 (2014-06-09)

 Landscape image: Outer archipelago, open seas and beautiful cliffs 
Weather: Cloudiness 9/8, south-easterly 6 m/s 
Distance: 44 km 
Average distance: 43 km 
Total distance: 129 km 
Position: Lågskär 
Health/feelings: The forearm ahs swollen even more, some of the blisters have broken. My thighs ache. The body demands a day of rest. It's just to obey! 

I went out on open waters in nice weather. Lots of gray seals come up to have a look. I think they like the rowing boat and ask themselves why not all people use those instead of all the noisy, fuming, stinking motorboats. A huge storm cloud formed in the distance. and offer a magnificent spectacle with lightning and thunder, but I could safely watch from a distance. After lunch I accidentally fell asleep and sat up scared, scanning the area for vessels. After many hour's rowing I reached Åland and there I met a group of nice bird watchers who offered me dinner. Then I went to the beautiful lighthouse which is open and offered a wonderful view. Now it is time to sleep like Sleeping Beauty. 

Thoughts about life: Everyone runs their own lives and is responsible for what it looks like. Your life is the result of the choices you’ve made and the choices you make. No one can their life for someone else, you decide yourself how it should be. If you aren't happy with how it has turned out there is always the chance to start over again. Every day is the first day in the rest of your life. You are the steersman of your life. Steer it in the direction you want to go. Of course it is affected by outer factors but that is just secondary.  

Equality: During the Viking age women were much more equal to men. They could be warriors, chieftains and own large territories and riches. The Norse religions was also an equal religion with many prominent and powerful female figures. Nornorna with their power of all life, or Hel, the regent of the realm of death. Idun who controlled eternal youth. Then came the middle ages. Men sat down and created laws that took away the right of inheritance from the women and made them completely dependant on the men. Christianity also made its entrance during the middle ages. Christianity looked down on the woman as something dirty and sinful (Eve) and created all the norms about how the woman should behave. So in a way you could say that it was better in the past. Long ago... 
I like Christianity and it also has a lot of good in it, and is a fundamental source of life for many, but there are as I said pros and cons with everything and you need to sift away the bad and take in the good. A religion is never evil, it is up to the performer how they choose to interpret the religion. 

Day 2 (2014-06-08)

Landscape image: Outer archipelago with beautiful cliffs 
Weather: Cloudiness 6/8, south-easterly 3 m/s 
Distance: 49 km 
Average distance: 44.3 km 
Total distance: 85 km 
Position: Link
Health/feelings: Everything aches, especially back, stomach and legs. A muscle on the right forearm has swollen up. The hands are already full of blisters (14 of them). Just like it should be! The body is starting to adapt! Extremely nice to lie tucked down in the tent. 

The day started with bright sunshine and for a start I rowed in shorts and t-shirt. Then the rains came and went periodically. When I sat in the rain in the middle of a bay cooking lunch, a motor boat came out. They thought I was in trouble and that the boat was sinking. I explained that the boat is rather low but that all the water gets out by itself. I thanked for the care and started enjoying my lunch. The rain passed and the sun came back. Come evening the wind died completely and an absolutely fantastic sunset awaited. I'm now lying listening to a bird who's singing beautifully! 

Thoughts about life: Everything material brings costs, time and duties. If you tone down the material and at the same time cut expenses you get something valuable. The most important of all. TIME. What is the point of having everything but never having time to enjoy, socialise and just exist? 

Equality: Something has gone terribly wrong when people don't want to call themselves feminists. When the minister of equality will not call themselves a feminist. What has happened? Why is it associated with something negative? We need to restore such an important word and be proud to use it. If more people dare calling themselves feminists and at the same time tell people what it means, it can probably work. "A point of view that strives to improving the situation of women in society and at least reach equality to men." From the Svenska Akademien dictionary. A feminist only strives for equality between sexes and for women to have the same rights as men. How can someone claim to be a non-feminist and against that vision?

Day 1 (2014-06-07)

Landscape image: Inner archipelago 
Weather: Cloudiness 2/8, south-easterly 4 m/s 
Distance: 36 km 
Average distance: 36 km 
Total distance: 36 km 
Position: Ålön 

Health/feelings: Excited and so satisfied with the whole day and that the adventure lies ahead of me. Like a Friday night felt when I worked in the office and longed to get out. 
The whole day had been extremely intense with a lot of impressions. An early rise and then away with the family to Stockholm Outdoor. A new outdoor festival in the middle of the city. First I got interviewed by Friluftsfrämjandet and then by Outside. There were may waving goodbye and I got flowers and a nut mix by "skogsmulle" himself in miniature! 500 metres later away from throng my wife and daughter meet me for another goodbye. Then out on the blue waters. Oskar Kihlborg who has rowed to Finland had warned me not too happily about all the ferries who run in the fairways and I can agree on that it was completely chaotic with both ferries and fast-going vessels. I don't think I saw as many boats along all the Norwegian coast. But soon it is Monday and I will reach the ocean and then I get to enjoy the solitude and peace of mind. Just after Vaxholm I got a sea trout! Magical! Despite the fact that half the Baltic Sea suffers from a dead seabed there might be hope if we seize responsibility for the fish.  will be doing Catch & Release all the way. Someone else should also have the hoy of catching that trout. Come evening the wind died and everywhere where disembarking is possible there are houses. I had too look for a place to stay the night for two hours. But I found one perfectly protected from surges. All the food I have brought is 24 hour meals and half is freeze-dried and half is soft canned foods. It's the best I have eaten and I don't just say that because I'm sponsored ;-) . I've packed to be able to be away from civilisation for 44 days! 

Thoughts about life: No bills, no responsibility, no duties, no meetings, no people. just me, nature and a beauty of a rowing boat which I today named Saga after my daughter's middle name. Soon I will reach the meditative state. It usually happens after three days' solitude. Like balm for the soul. When I paddled the Norwegian coast I have never felt so bad physically but at the same time never felt so good mentally.

Equality: Equality means that women and men have the same power to shape the society and their own lives. That means the same opportunities, rights and duties in all life's areas. To be equal to each other. We should instead of equality talk about inequality. If we all the time talk about all the good we do in Sweden around equality, we stop striving towards a greater equality and instead are happy with being relatively good. But as a role model country for the rest of the world we instead need to aim for what is still unequal and discuss how we can better al the time. Sweden must be a role model country to be able to be mentioned as an example and show the way for the rest of the world. We have an enormous responsibility in that. The difference between sexes is still way too big in Sweden and to claim that it is worse in other countries is hardly an excuse.