Where can I buy your products?

Take contact with your local distributor and they will help you out,

How does it work with branded products?

Information, click here

Where do Light My Fire produce?

Light My Fire has their own factory in Västervik, Sweden.

Is it possible to get the products in my own PMS color?

Information, click here

How does the Swedish FireSteel works?

a) Grip the FireSteel with one hand. 
b) Take hold of the striker with the other hand.
c) Position the striker against the FireSteel. (Text facing upwards.)

Use your thumb to press FIRMLY and SLOWLY downwards. Make sure to stop BEFORE hitting the ground. A common mistake is that you'll go all the way down and put the fire out.

Can I put the products in the dishwasher?

Yes, all the containers and Sporks you can put in the dishwasher.

Do you have Firesteel replacement for the FireKnife?

Yes, we do have FireSteel replacement for the FireKnife. Please contact your local Distributor.

Can I put the MealKit and LunchBox in the microwave?

No problem.


  • Pack-up-Bottle and Pack-up-Cup:
    PP (Polypropolene) and TPE.
  • Grandpa's FireFork:
    Stainless steel and Tritan.
  • MealKit 2.0/LunchKit:
    PP plastic on all parts except the Spork. The Spork is made of Tritan. Pack-up-Cup is made of PP (Polypropolene) and TPE and Harness of TPE.
  • Harness:
    TPE material.
  • Salt& Pepper Plus:
    ABS. Gasket is Dryflex.
  • Spork:
  • Spork Titanium:
    Spork Titanium is made of Commercial Pure Titanium-TiA2.
  • Swedish FireSteel 2.0®
    It is made of seven different components, one of these are magnesium.
  • Swedish FireKnife®:
    Knife: PP (polypropolene) and TPE rubber material.
    Blade: 12C27 stainless steel.
    FireSteel: PA and magnesium alloy.
  • Grandpa's FireGrill:
    Stainless steel
  • TinderDust/TinderSticks
    It is from cultivate pine,"fat wood".from Mexico. 


I want to get sponsored by Light My Fire, how do I do?

Light My Fire has chosen to handle their sponsorship in a different way. Every year Light My Fire has a sponsorship competition there you can apply with your adventure. Light My Fire choice seven finalists who get supported with a full assortment of Light My Fire products. During the adventure you will write on Light My Fire Adventure blog. One of the finalists have the chance to win €3000. Read more at:




I have a product idea, who should I contact?


We are always for the look out for new exiting ideas! Please contact