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Sip, grip and bring along non-stop.

ReStraw, designed by Red Dot Award-winner Joachim Nordwall, is a reusable straw. Oval for sipping sensation for everything from water to soup, it has a larger diameter for easy cleaning and a bring-along-friendly length. A comfy, smart grip makes ReStraw non-slip.

Bring-along-friendly reusable kit for sips, bites and drinks on the go.

Re-Straw together with Pack-up-Cup and Spork creates our new drink and eat kit: ReStraw for sipping sensation. Spork for bits and bites. Pack-up-Cup - big for drinks, small for packs. 

Smart container system to bring along in any pack.

The 2.0 version of Add-a-Twist has an improved pressure sealed lid. Containers twist into each other for airtight and waterproof goodness. Packs perfectly for all kinds of content and adventures. One container system, endless possibilities.

Adds sipping sensation to Add-a-Twist.

A smart addition for even more Add-a-Twist fl exibility. Specially designed lid with a hole. Sip-friendly oval ReStraw that fi ts smoothly into the hole. Sensational for everything from water to soup!

All you need for a snack on the go - goodbye disposables!

Spork'n Straw is the super compact kit that fits in your pocket, purse or pack. Handy straw for sips and soups, spoon-fork-knife combo for bits and bites. Makes sipping and snacking more sustainable - and enjoyable.



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