Design by Joachim Nordwall

Designed to slip into backpacks and keep gear and food safe, dry and organized.

The ultimate backpack organizer! Designed to easily slip into backpacks. Strong and tough for the most demanding adventures. Perfect for the gear and food you need to keep dry, safe and easy to find. The containers lock into each other and can be combined endlessly. Each container has a double-sealed lid that makes it waterproof and airtight.



  • Designed to easily slip into and pull out of backpacks
  • Waterproof and airtight with double-sealed lid
  • Rugged and impact resistant
  • Versatile and adaptable to your needs
  • Easy to pack, hang and carry
  • Bayonet lock allows quick and easy access. 
  • Measuring lines
  • Easy to clean
  • Floats  

Spork _fork _spacemicro freeze.png Made-in-Sweden-BPA.png


PP- polypropolene and TPE.

Actual size: 92x92x288mm   Weight: 381g



1 pcs container large:
Volume: 540 ml / 18,25 oz
Weight: 153g 
Size: ø 91,8 x 136 mm
Material: PP and TPE

1 pcs  container medium:
Volume: 300 ml / 10,15 oz
Weight: 99g
Size: ø 91,8 x 86 mm
Material: PP and TPE

1 pcs  container small:
Volume: 112 ml / 3,75 oz
Weight: 55g
Size: ø 91,8 x 46 mm
Material: PP and TPE

2 pcs  lid:
Weight: 21g
Size: ø 83,5 x 11,5 mm
Material: PP

1 pcs  handle:
Weight: 32g
Size: ø 87 x 50 mm
Material: PP