The Kåsa is a classic from Scandinavian innovation that nature goers have used throughout the ages.
We present a new, durable, robust version, a kåsa for the future.

Without departing from the grandeur of the original, we have created a stylish kåsa that combines form and function; it is also extra comfortable in hand. Designer Joachim Nordwall has developed this version of the kåsa closely with Light My Fire's product developer and factory in Västervik. Joakim Nordwall is the designer behind Light My Fires' success story, the contemporary, classic Spork, available in many different sizes and colors.

"Combining form and function is every designer's goal. When this pairing feels harmonious, you know you have succeeded. I am infinitely proud of my work for Light My Fire ", comments Joachim Nordwall.

Following the Sporks' footsteps.

As with our famous Spork, the kåsa has been about respecting and preserving a legacy. This process has taken time to evolve.

"To produce an updated version of a classic Scandinavian innovation such as the kåsa demands a certain respect. Both for the originals' unbeatable functionality and for our planet. At Light My Fire, we only manufacture products that are really needed and that can be used in many different situations, over and over again. ''The Kåsa is a brilliant example of this," says Calill Odqvist Jagusch, CEO and owner of Light My Fire.

A Swedish Kåsa

Light My Fires' kåsa has been given the product name 'Swedish Kåsa.' Constructed of bioplastic based on certified sugar cane. Our Swedish Kåsa holds 300 ml and has dimensions on the inside - practical when cooking outdoors.

Complete meal kit.
We welcome the Swedish Kåsa to Light My Fires' product family with a brand new meal kit. This versatile Outdoor MealKit has eight parts and is designed to make outdoor cooking convenient and fun. Complete product information about our Outdoor MealKit can be found here.

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