Lunchboxes & Mealkits


Prep fantastic food and pack it up in our perfect kits. When lunch time hits, you’re in control and ready with a delicious meal to enjoy alone or unpack a feast with friends and family. Whatever your day holds, wherever your adventure takes you, bring the best food with you. With our sustainably made reusable products you can say goodbye to low quality single use plastics and bring everything you need from home. Prep, pack and enjoy!

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  1. Bowl´n Lid
    As low as €16.00
  2. LunchKit 6pcs
    As low as €32.00
  3. Outdoor MealKit 8pcs
    As low as €43.00
  4. MyBox
    As low as €19.00
  5. Picnic for 2
    As low as €42.00
  6. Picnic for 4
    As low as €75.00
  7. MyKit
    As low as €20.00
  8. SnapBox original 2-pack
    As low as €11.00
  9. SnapBox oval 2-pack
    As low as €12.00
  10. NatureKit
    As low as €28.00
  11. NatureKit deluxe
    As low as €55.00
  12. NatureKit deluxe 2.0
    As low as €87.00
  13. CampKit for 4
    As low as €170.00
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