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Spork original BIO Nature mix
  • Spork original BIO Nature mix
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Art. nr: 2412411625
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The only “on-the-go-cutlery” you’ll ever need - goodbye disposables!

The Light My Fork Spork Original BIO is the perfect reusable spork to avoid using one time use cutlery. It was designed specifically for us by Scandinavian designer Joachim Nordwall. This spork is a spoon-fork-knife since it has a serrated edge on the side of the fork. This makes it versatile enough to use whether you are backpacking, having a picnic, or just grabbing some lunch to go. If you are using to cook in the backcountry know that it is safe to use with non-stick cookware. It also uses BPA-free Biobased plastics that are dishwasher safe, making them easy on the environment and easy to clean. 
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• Bring-along friendly 
• Easy to clean 
• Lightweight 
• Dishwasher safe
• BPA free
• Made in Sweden
• Made from Biobased Bioplastics


Spork made from GMO free corn based bioplastics


Reusable, use again, again and again…


Measurement: 0 mm
Weight: 0 kg
Spork original BIO Nature mix
Spork original BIO Nature mix
Spork original BIO Nature mix


•Can I use my Spork original BIO as a spatula? •Is my Spork original BIO recyclable? •Is my Spork original BIO compostable? •Is it just the product or is the whole production process CO2-neutral? •How can something made out of corn look and feel like plastic? •Why is BIO-plastics a good choice for me?               

o BIO-plastics save fossil resources by using biomass which regenerates annually and provides the unique potential of carbon neutrality. (från Also, they do offer the advantage of a reduced carbon footprint.