Hiking and food go hand in hand. The appetite grows with each kilometer passed, and there is rarely a shortage of beautiful places to stop for food or coffee breaks. The sort of food you bring with you will depend on how long the hike is. Packaged snacks and last night's leftovers may feel convenient, but we are often inclined to make a spark and cook in the open air. It's easier than most people think and an activity that enhances the experience in nature.

Keep your eyes on the road. Maybe you will find something to spice up the meal: dandelion leaves and birch leaves are just a few examples of nature's edible greenery.


Think about!

  • Plan what to cook and how.
  • Pack only what you need - there is no need to bring the whole kitchen. Fold small envelopes of greaseproof paper. Many ingredients are perfect for wrapping in greaseproof paper. Our advice: skip the butter - if it is hot, you will have a melted mess.
  • Avoid disposable packaging, and always bring a rubbish bag with you, so you leave the nature as you found it.


Here are some of our tips for excellent hiking food. Get inspired and pick what fits you best on your hike, day trip, camping, or the evening walk.

Tips for hiking food - Breakfast

There is a reason breakfast is called 'The most important meal of the day.' we love to start the day with much-needed energy. Sometimes a breakfast could just be filling our pockets with nuts and berries; other days, we take time to enjoy a hearty breakfast and a cup of coffee. Anyone who wants to be strong until lunch makes porridge with seeds, nuts, and dried fruit - a real energy bomb.

If you are out on a day trip and start early, you can pack hot porridge in a thermos or fill your lunch box with nuts, seeds, and dried fruit. Add hot water on-site and enjoy freshly cooked porridge. Maybe you will also find some fresh berries to top with, directly from nature's pantry. Bring water in a thermos or heat over an open fire.


Pull out the trail kitchen if you want a cooked breakfast to help you last longer till lunch.

Easy to cook:

Pancakes: Mix the dry ingredients at home, and add eggs and liquid on the spot, so you do not risk the batter flowing out into the backpack. For extra energy, mash a banana in the batter!

Omelet / scrambled eggs: great to spice up what nature offers. Herbs, edible leaves, or fresh vegetables from the farm shop.

Tips for hiking food - Lunch

It is wise on a hike to have a relatively light lunch. Then refill your energy with a snack or two in the afternoon so you don't have to fight that after-meal fatigue.

Easy options could be a couple of boiled eggs, cheese, and bread. Add vegetable sticks, cherry tomatoes, and a dip like hummus. Peanut butter is also full of natural energy that works well as a spread and for dipping vegetables.

Time for a coffee break? A piece of dark chocolate and some nuts to go with your coffee taste even better in the open air.

Lunch box and innovative accessories can be found here!

Tips for hiking food - Dinner

If lunch is simple, it may be time to put some effort into the evening meal. ''Cooking up a storm'' in the open air has never been easier. What is more perfect than settling down after a full day of hiking for a well-deserved moment by the campfire and a warm meal.

Prepare your cooking at home; pack smartly in small packages. If you are hiking in a group, plan what to bring together so you don't have an unnecessary amount to carry.


Tips for the multi-day hike:

Pack daily rations - it's easy to start picking goodies from tomorrow's planned meal, and then you have to go the last few days without.

Make a double portion for dinner, and everyone will get a lunch box the next day. Leftovers from a dish that tastes best hot? - pack it in a thermos.


Here are some of our favorites:

Personalized pizza

Pizza on flatbread or tortillas can be placed directly on the grill. Another advantage is that everyone can get their favorite topping. Tomato sauce, mozzarella, olives, mushrooms, pepperoni, sun-dried tomatoes - the toppings are endless!

Hiking food - Recipes

At Light My Fire, we are experts in 'food on the go.' In our recipe bank, you will find good, nutritious, and easy-to-prepare recipes for dishes to prepare at home and pack with you or to cook on-site in nature or the park. How about roast potatoes and carrots, topped with eggs and fried wild mushrooms? A luxurious, spicy hot chocolate to mix with the kids, or a hearty beetroot salad loaded with nuts and cheese?

Find your favorite dishes in our recipe bank.