Light My Fire is one of the Swedish companies selected for participation in Sweden's pavilion at the world exhibition in Dubai, which opens on 1 October.

Sweden participates with the pavilion The Forest, built entirely of wood from the forests of Swedish Dalarna. The pavilion is in the exhibition's sustainability department, where about thirty Swedish companies will be represented. 

Sweden's participation can also be seen in the climate-adapted web shop where all participating companies sell their products. In The Swedish Impact Store, the carbon footprint of each product is calculated.


- We at Light My Fire often talk about being the change we want to see in the world; The Swedish Impact Store helps us do that. Here we can be completely transparent about our materials and their carbon footprint, that's how everyone must work in the future, says Calill Odqvist Jagusch, CEO of Light My Fire


Light My Fire has worked from a sustainability perspective since its foundation 25 years ago. It all started with the discovery of the Maya sticks. The natural firewood, rich in resin, stood for a natural, easy, and reliable way to make fire. And the sticks came from a sustainable source - cultivated pine trees, cut down by the locals in Guatemala. Today, Light My Fire is known for its award-winning Spork and its outdoor products made of biobased plastic at the company’s own factory in Västervik.


- We are in the front line, it’s where we all need to be. We have no other choice. There is no room for "baby steps" anymore when it comes to the climate. That is why we are now fully investing in various systems for renting our products, where we take full responsibility for the entire product life cycle, says Calill Odqvist Jagusch, CEO of Light My Fire.





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