ReKit BIO 3pcs

The reusable kit for sips, bites, and drinks on the go.
Eco-friendly cutlery, drinkware, and straw. Best for camping, travel, picnics, parties, and outside dining. BPA free, sustainable, biobased plastic, Pack-up Cup, Spork Original, and ReStraw. The ReKit is a brilliant collection of reusable items perfect for snacks and drinks on the go. The ReStraw is great for any liquids thick or thin. The Pack-up Cup is collapsible, making it super compact and great for drinks hot or cold. The Spork is our 3-in-1 spoon, fork, and knife combo. Stop using low-quality single-use items forever with this handy companion kit. Better for you and brilliant for the environment. Made from biobased plastics that are 100% food approved.
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• Microwave safe, except Pack-up-Cup
• Dishwasher safe
• BPA free
• Made in Sweden
• Made from Biobased Bioplastics
• Spork original BIO: The super-handy reusable cutlery which brings joy to every meal.
• Pack-up Cup BIO: A brilliant cup to bring along wherever you go. Always ready for a drink on the go.
• ReStraw BIO: The only straw you’ll ever need. For sipping, drinking and stirring.

Material Features

Spork made from GMO free corn based bioplastics.

ReStraw made from certified sugarcane with wood fiber based bioplastics.

Pack-up-Cup Made from certified sugarcane based bioplastics.

Sustainable Features

Reusable, use again, again and again…
BIOBASED PLASTICS Biobased plastics have a unique advantage over conventional petroleum based plastic in the sense that the composition is made fully, or in part, from plants or other biological matter. Biodegradable plastics can also be partly or fully made from plants or other biological matter but can also be fossil based. The advantage with Biodegradable plastics is the materials potential to break down in certain environment such as compost. Most often though, this compost must be done in an industrial compost.



69x71x110 mm

2,72x2,80x4,33 inches


52 g

1,834 oz




170x38x10 mm

6,69x1,50x0,39 inches


11 g

0,388 oz




170x15x10 mm

6,69x0,59x0,39 inches


7 g

0,240 oz


Pack-up-Cup is not intended to be used with fatty foodstuff.
Harness is not intended for food contact.

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