Now is not the time to mix up your cutlery and taste each other’s food at the potluck. Still - picnics and barbecues are here to be enjoyed. Light My Fire knows how: bring your own Spork wherever food is served this spring.


Our Spork is a spoon, fork and knife in one and works just as well at the barbecue as at the school graduation party. It fits perfectly in your pocket, backpack or purse. The Spork comes in a number of different varieties, so there really is one for everyone. Choose from 10 different colors, if you are left-handed, choose our Lefty. Everyone deserves a chance to eat out in the best way possible! This also applies to the little ones: Spork Little is the favourite for small hands.


For your toughest adventures and challenges we recommend Spork Titanium - our most indestructible and forever reusable Spork. All other Sporks are made from safe, bio-based plastic.




PS: Did you know this?

Light My Fires Spork is not only one of the world’s most functional all-in-one cutlery. It is also a modern design classic. In 2011, Spork was classifi ed as applied art by Svensk Form, an association that has been promoting design in Sweden and abroad since 1845. Since then, it is sold not only in outdoor stores but also in the pickiest of design and museum stores around the world. We are extremely proud of our Spork and have of course considered it a work of art ever since its launch in 2005. Today we are at a staggering 42 million copies sold!


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