Light My Fire is currently participating in a pilot study with nudging as a method to get consumers to stop using single use cups. 

Chalmers Industriteknik is carrying out the study with the support of the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. Light My Fire's reusable mug MyCup’n Lid in bioplastic is offered as an alternative to disposable cups. Customers who choose the reusable cup get a discount.  

MyCup’n Lid has been developed with takeout drinks in mind and is available in three sizes that correspond to the cafés' disposable mugs: 250, 360 and 500 ml. 


The project also involves psychologist Niklas Laninge from PBM, Oskar Rexfelt and Helena Strömberg from the Department of Design & Human Factors at Chalmers University of Technology, industry expert Matts Johansson and Filip Eklund, sustainability developer at Göteborg & Co, a part of the City of Gothenburg. 


Alarming figures shows the need for change:

  • Disposable cups are one of the ten most common items found on beaches around the world. 
  • 500 billion disposable cups are consumed globally per year, of which between 250 and 300 billion are plastic-lined paper cups. 
  • 470 million coffee cups containing plastic are used in Sweden every year. 


Light My Fire is a company that invests in growth while at the same time aiming to reduce its production of virgin products. The study together with Chalmers Industriteknik is just one of several projects they are currently participating in to find new, sustainable business models. 


– Soon, restaurants will be required by law to offer reusable packaging. We work together with several players to find solutions and products that will work in the new systems, says Calill Odqvist Jagusch, owner, and CEO of Light My Fire. 


Condeco in Gothenburg is one of the companies that now offers a discount for those who choose a reusable mug instead of a disposable one. 


– We want to be a part of this development; the new law will come eventually, and we need to adapt in one way or another. We wanted to be at the forefront and be part of this journey. It is also important for us to show our guests that we are aware and conscious. We also offer organic products and work with food waste, says Sofia Hägerstöm at Condeco. 


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