Being able to make fire is one of man's most significant discoveries and a prerequisite for the life we live today. The foundation of our civilization rests on our ability to make fire and control that fire. This magical and frightening element gives us endless possibilities all at the same time. There is something about an open fire that will always link us to the reality of our ancestors.

When we go into nature and forget about our busy schedules, we feel connected to those who have gone before us. When basic needs such as hunger and fatigue strike, when we freeze or need a moment of peace, the fire is there for us just as it has been for man since time began.

How to make a fire?

Scientists believe that the first fire ignited by man was nearly 800,000 years ago. The fire had only been a threat of impending danger and natural disasters until then. The first methods of making fire were based entirely on friction. Many of us, as children, tried to act like our ancestors and strike two stones against each other. We sometimes produced a burnt scent; maybe someone even got a lucky spark. Giving yourself the best possible circumstances means everything if you are to succeed in making a fire from scratch.

What you will need:

1. A spark. Use matches, a lighter, or FireSteel.

2. Ignition material. Dry pieces of twigs, paper, and cardboard are classic fire starters. Even better, natural resinous firewood, like our Tindersticks.

3. Wood. Reasonably dry. 

4. Knife. Start feeding the fire with fuel when you have a fire on your first ignition material. Start with small wood sticks, carve and be prepared to provide. As the flames subside, you can put on larger logs and sit back to enjoy the fire.

5. Water. We may have mastered the fire, but it is to be taken seriously. Have water ready, and always make sure that the fire is completely extinguished before you leave.

Make a fire with FireSteel

Today, some luxuries have made us forget the basic principles of the cost of fire - friction. These days we light a match or press the lighter's button, and there it is - fire.

Although these things have their limitations, as you would know if you ever tried to use a wet matchbox or needed to light something with a lighter during a breeze, in situations like this, a fantastic alternative is the FireSteel.

Making a fire with FireSteel is both easy and safe. Also, fun. It is a relatively small investment: it is enough to light a spark thousands of times. It leaves no debris behind and works in all weather. The Fire Steel consists of a magnesium rod and a piece of metal that is ironed against it, whereby sparks occur. You can trust that it is possible to make a fire with FireSteel in all weather conditions. The sparks created are extremely hot, significantly warmer, and more durable than those you get from a lighter or match.

Tip! Our FireKnife is a knife and Fire Steel in one - a perfect combo!