The sun is shining, the snow is slowly falling over the landscape. Alternatively: the ground is damaged by water; the fog is dense and soon it will be dark. Or: the temperature rises, and you start looking around for the nearest lake for a cooling dip. Early spring is a tricky time for hiking. You need to gear up even for a simple excursion or day hike and there is every reason to think through your packing properly. In Sweden we have a saying: There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing (well, in Swedish it rhymes) 

So, now it's time to pack your hiking backpack!


Remember this when packing for hiking:

Make a packing list. Feel free to start with ours, but keep it updated and add your own favorites and experiences. Maybe you want customized packing lists for the seasons, different locations, and types of hikes. The list helps you avoid the mistake both beginners and experienced hikers quite often do: packing an unnecessarily heavy load consisting of things that might  "come in handy".

• Layer your clothing. Several thin, functional layers is the way to go.

• Are hiking alone or with company? Synchronize your packing lists. Maybe not everyone needs their personal tarp or storm cooker.

• Check the weather report and dress for the weather.

• If you are about to break in a new pair of shoes, you need to make room for your old ones in your backpack, otherwise there is a great risk you’ll have to cut your hike short due to abrasions and blisters. You can tie the shoes on the outside of the backpack if you want but remember that they will add weight.


Hiking gear

• Invest in multifunctional equipment. Our Spork is perhaps the most classic example: instead of a fork, spoon, and knife, you just pack one single piece of cutlery.


How to pack a backpack for a hiking trip

Keeping it light is the obvious cardinal rule. The backpack may not feel so heavy when you try it at home, but already after a few kilometers it will feel much heavier. Just half to a couple of kilos can make a big difference for your back and feet.


Download your packing list here!