Shaped by Nature

At Light My Fire, our actions as a company, our designs and our products are all shaped by our relationship to the natural world. Our company’s origins, as well as our path forward, are rooted in our vision for a world where nature and human innovation can coexist within balance: a give-and-take, never-ending dance called reciprocity.

The Origins of Light My Fire

Our journey began with a simple product: MayaSticks. It all started in 1995 when Calill Odqvist Jagusch’s father, Michael, lost a bet against a neighbor. Using resin-soaked sticks from Guatemala, the neighbor challenged Michael to light a fire faster than she could. It was over before it began: within minutes her fire was burning with a hot flame while his charcoal smoldered under a grey cloud of smoke.

Michael spent the next year in Guatemala figuring out how to ship MayaSticks to Sweden, but in a way that would honor and respect the place they came from, and somehow give back to the community and the land. A year later he and Calill found the perfect “match” for MayaSticks in 1997, a magnesium flint and steel fire starter developed for the Swedish Department of Defense that could build a fire in any weather: Together, Swedish FireSteel and MayaSticks built the foundations of our company.

These first products exemplified our family business’s core philosophy: simple, effective gear to enjoy under the stars. Today, with Calill at the helm of Light My Fire, the tradition continues, blending the wisdom of past generations with modern innovations that help connect people to nature.

Swedish Design Influence

Sweden’s vast landscapes and the right to roam free have deeply influenced our design principles. Our Swedish heritage – marked by simplicity, clean design and resourcefulness – is evident in our products, but we also borrow from other cultures that share our values. We look to nature for inspiration and subscribe to a design ethos that prioritizes functionality and responsible use of materials.

Our Vision: Living Lightly on the Land

One of the priorities we’re committed to is reducing plastic waste and promoting a regenerative economy. Our durable products are designed to replace single-use plastics, creating a shift toward responsible plastic usage. We have a long uphill battle ahead of us but we’re stubborn. This vision is not just about creating responsible products; it's about inspiring a lifestyle that respects and preserves the natural world.

Regenerative Leadership and Circular Design

Our approach to design and community leadership is rooted in the idea of regeneration and giving back. It’s not about extracting a steady resource from nature; it’s about making goods that last or can be recycled, and finding solutions through collaboration: both for our customers and behind the scenes, starting in Sweden. Our Plates Collection, for instance—a collab with a Swedish industrial designer—are scratch-resistant, dishwasher-safe and aesthetically pleasing to look at and hold; they can be appreciated and used repeatedly while reducing waste and promoting a cycle of reuse. The asymmetrical design, inspired by Eastern aesthetics like wabi-sabi, celebrates imperfection and individuality, qualities we can relate to.

A cousin to our Plates Collection is our event-tested BORROW Program, a service and product line that’s designed for businesses, schools, festivals, stadiums and any business or organization looking to reduce their single-use footprint, whether it’s chosen for one-time use or a long-term solution. BORROW products can be sent back to our factory in Västervik at end-of-life, where they’re recycled into new products. The thinking is: If we use less resources maybe the earth can begin to heal.

The Swedish Kåsa: Embracing Tradition

The Swedish Kåsa, inspired by the traditional Sami people, is another product that reflects our commitment to simple and useful design. The rounded curves evolved over time and were eventually found to be an ideal shape that works in nature: balancing equally as well between two rocks as it does in your lap. These cups are not just functional; they are a nod to the time-honored nomadic tradition of living in harmony with nature.

Looking Toward the Future

As we move forward, while honoring our past and others before us, we remain committed to our vision of a waste-free world. We invite you to join us in this journey, to embrace a life that is in harmony with the rhythms of the earth, and to be part of a community that values reciprocity, good design and the transformative power of nature.

We are all shaped by nature.