Sustainable Epicurean



EPICUREAN - Pleasure is the greatest good.

Who is the Sustainable Epicurean? A person who...

Appreciate everywhere. Enjoy the moment. Choose to see the beauty that surrounds them, wherever they are. Are grateful for their blessings, they see them, say them out loud, write them down, acknowledge them. Are thankful for life. Live with an attitude of gratitude. Are sincere. Authentic. Keep working at it. Connect with those that make their life brighter. Strengthen relationships. Value friendship. Share love and kindness. Enjoy time together. Do things. Get out into the world. Walk in nature. Explore the city. Swim in lakes. Sit by the ocean. Love how amazing the world is. See the Earth for what it is, an amazing planet! Love the beauty of nature. Love the wonders of our modern world. Enjoy technology. Enjoy no technology. Love to take a picnic. Take a pack-lunch. Grill outside. Save the leftovers! Switch off the tv. Put down their phone. Talk more, write more, ask more questions. Dream as big as possible, imagine, follow their heart. Cultivate happiness, live well, love deeply Learn about the world, share knowledge, share fun. Eat great food, travel and explore close to home – far from home. Buy quality products, support ethical business. Are part of the change in their world and own their life and the decisions they make. Take responsibility. Want to be their own hero. Explore new things. Try new food. Come up with new ideas. Are thoughtful. Cultivate positive change. Grow as a person. Face their fears. Get out of their comfort zone. Think outside the box. Invest in themselves. Invest in long lasting, durable, functional products. Are proud to have old things that have lasted the test of time and stayed relevant. No need to replace. Don’t delay happiness. They don’t say ‘I’ll be happy when’ Find happiness. Choose happiness. Take control. Enjoy being excited by even the little things. Are driven. They search for inspiration. Create rituals that make themselves feel good. Get out of the office at lunch. Avoid single use plastics. Think about where they spend their money. Think about what companies they support. Are their own ‘influencer’

A Sustainable Epicurean!