CampKit for 4

The collection that inspires adventure.
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  • Complete set for making fire, cooking, eating and drinking
  • Light a fire with a 3000° degree spark from the weatherproof FireSteel and all natural and waterproof MayaSticks-on-a-Rope
  • Cook with the clever stainless steel GrandPa´s FireFork and GrandPa´s FireGrill, just add a stick
  • Eat and drink; use cups with lid, plates with an edge and a spoon-fork-knife combo Spork. All made from biobased plastics.
  • BPA-free and EU & FDA food approved. Dishwasher safe.
  • Made in Sweden, Honduras and China
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Includes CampKit for 4

1x FireSteel scout cocoshell

1x Tinder-on-a-Rope

2x Grandpa´s FireFork

2x Grandpa´s FireGrill

4x MyCup´n Lid short

3x StackPlate

1x StackLid 16.9 oz/500 ml

4x Spork orginal

1x Salt´n Pepper Plus

Product Description

The collection that inspires adventure. A unique combination of gear designed to make eating outside everything it should be. Explore cooking skills and expand an exciting outside menu with tools to prepare, grill, roast and eat a meal to remember. Spend quality time in nature, gather round the open fire, and make this kit part of your amazing adventures.



Ecozen is a biomass-based transparent copolyester with high heat resistance. This BPA free material has excellent food container and utensil application. The biomass is from European GMO-free corn starch.

Cultivated pine

All-natural tinder, chemical free with up to 80% resin content. Our Fatwood comes from the stumps of a pine tree. These pines are cultivated and do not occupy rain forest areas. They are a non-endangered species, yielding a product that is sustainable, economically viable and environmentally responsible. By making use of the stumps, we are reducing overall waste while creating a sustainable and safe by-product. Verified under the SCS Salvaged Wood & Fiber™ standard for using 100% reclaimed material.


Firesteel Scout

77x25x15 mm

3,03x0,98x0,59 inches


38 g

1,340 oz


155x20x20 mm

6,10x0,79x0,79 inches


69 g

2,434 oz

GrandPa´s FireFork

103x47x19 mm

4,06x1,85x0,75 inches


45 g

1,587 oz

GrandPa´s FireGrill

165x165x25 mm

6,50x6,50x0,98 inches


131 g

4,621 oz


195x185x25 mm

7,68x7,28x0,98 inches


70 g

2,469 oz


195x185x25 mm

7,68x7,28x0,98 inches


76 g

2,681 oz

Spork Original

170x38x10 mm

6,69x1,50x0,39 inches


11 g

0,388 oz

Salt&Pepper plus

73x73x29 mm

2,87x2,87x1,14 inches


46 g

1,623 oz

End of use

End of life is the final stage in the eco-design wheel.  It is our intention is to make products that offer longevity and promote reusability. Two factors that make sustainability a key part of wat we do.  However, if a product reaches end of life, we are here to guide and support our customers in the disposal of our products in the best way possible. It is our advice to investigate the recycling system available to you at your local centre, and make your decisions based on the information we provide and that of your communities recycling facility. You can find a full report for each product including its material composition and how to dispose of it responsibly within our materials pages. Together we can make the right decisions based on open communication and understanding.  


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