Cups & Mugs


Refresh your adventure using our super handy, bring along friendly products to help quench that thirst. Whether heating up your winter walk or cooling down your summer’s day, come equipped with your own reusable drinking items. Avoid single use. Avoid needless waste and stand out from the crowd with these sustainably produced alternatives that make the world of difference.

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  1. Swedish Kåsa
    As low as €12.00
  2. MyCup´n Lid short
    As low as €10.00
  3. MyCup´n Lid original
    As low as €12.00
  4. MyCup´n Lid Large
    As low as €14.00
  5. Swedish Kåsa 4-pack
    As low as €43.00
  6. MyCup´n Lid short 4-pack
    As low as €34.00
  7. MyCup´n Lid original 4-pack
    As low as €43.00
  8. MyCup´n Lid Large 4-pack
    As low as €50.00
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