Nature is eternal, but people change. Today, people want the same level of design in their outdoor products as in their indoor products.


In trying to combine function with style, Light My Fire´s products have made their mark not only on outdoor enthusiasts, but on the design world as well. In addition to healthy Spork sales in temples of good taste such as Denmark´s Louisiana Museum and Stockholm design boutiques, our Spork has been added to the permanent collection of Munich Museum of Industrial Design, Die Neue Samlung. But perhaps one of our first and most enthusiastic ambassadors in the design world is Anne Spence, at the Danish Design Centre in Copenhagen. Her tireless work has made our products best-sellers at the centers legendary shop with as been referred to as "an incredible exhibition where you can eve buy the exhibits..."


With design experience from Honda, Electrolux and the Koenigsegg sports car behind him, industrial designer Joachim Nordwall was ready for a new challenge. When Light My Fire first contacted him about redesigning the age-old meal kit, he jumped. "Many products in the outdoor industry have looked the same for decades," Joachim explains, "But now, I see people striating to want more. This is why I was so glad for the opportunity to design the MealKit and the Spork." "Marrying form and function is the goal of every industrial designer. It is when this marriage is an harmonious one, that you know you've succeeded. I'm immensely proud of my work with Light My Fire."

Joachim Nordwall, Designer