Use it anywhere - from mountaintop to park bench, camping trip to concert or school outing
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Measure: 120 g
Weight: 34x34x34cm
  • Stretchable neoprene
  • Water-repellant
  • Anti-slip material
  • Rubber cord and hook for folding/hanging
  • Keeps beverages warm or cold
  • Protects fragile items when packing
  • Great pot holder
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Includes SeatPad

1x SeatPad

Product Description

High quality seat cushion made of neoprene material for all occasions. It insulates perfectly against the cold, heat, wet mud and dirt. Doesn't absorb moisture, is easy to clean and non-slip. Complete with elastic cord and hook for transport and easy storage.



Measurement: 34x34x34cm

Weight: 120g

End of use

End of life is the final stage in the eco-design wheel.  It is our intention is to make products that offer longevity and promote reusability. Two factors that make sustainability a key part of wat we do.  However, if a product reaches end of life, we are here to guide and support our customers in the disposal of our products in the best way possible. It is our advice to investigate the recycling system available to you at your local centre, and make your decisions based on the information we provide and that of your communities recycling facility. You can find a full report for each product including its material composition and how to dispose of it responsibly within our materials pages. Together we can make the right decisions based on open communication and understanding.  

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