TIMELESS DESIGN – Mine for a Lifetime


As a culture we are compelled to habitually replace and often needlessly buy new products. We form little connection to these transient items and from the moment of purchase the clock is running out. But then there are products which defy this compulsion. They are built to last, fit for purpose and designed with style that remains relevant. They are made from materials that are refined, comforting, ethical, reliable and constant. We connect with these products and use them over years. We find joy in their ownership, become attached to their aesthetic, their feel, their smell and their condition.

They join us on adventures, enable us to explore, to enjoy and we to continue to use them as time passes. We associate great times shared with friends, family and those we love. Timeless design does not follow trends. It is not at the mercy of the moving tide of ‘what’s in’ at any given time. Rather it sets trends. It is always relevant and remains present regardless of when it was made. We find joy in the creation of superb, innovative, practical, long lasting products. Embracing simplicity, grounded in the beauty of nature, functional for the modern world. Timeless design from Light My Fire, is yours for a lifetime.