The Spork is the modern classic travel buddy for eating on-the-go. The all-in-one spoon, fork and knife is the perfect multifunctional alternative to single use plastic cutlery. This sustainably produced, versatile and innovative tool is artistically designed with you in mind. Wherever you like to eat, whatever you choose for lunch, the legendary Spork delivers, again and again.

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  1. Spork original
    35,00 SEK
  2. Spork original 2-pack
    65,00 SEK
  3. Spork original 4-pack
    120,00 SEK
  4. Spork original mega pack
    345,00 SEK
  5. Spork lefty
    65,00 SEK
  6. Spork little
    35,00 SEK
  7. Spork little 2-pack
    65,00 SEK
  8. Spork medium
    45,00 SEK
  9. Spork medium 2-pack
    85,00 SEK
  10. Spork´n Straw
    65,00 SEK
  11. Spork large serving
    55,00 SEK
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