Light your fire like an expert

The story of Light My Fire began with fire. It is an art that kindle our lust for adventure and pulls us closer to nature, from family grills in city gardens to cooking on the peaks of mountain ranges. To make fire is a skill but with our products you will be the expert of your fire.











Light Your Fire, step by step

Making fire is a useful skill for more than emergencies, it is needed for cosy bonfires out in the woods, or when lighting the bbq in your backyard. The ingredients are quite simple. Starting a fire is an art though. The key to success is getting the right mix of heat, oxygen and fuel. Here are some good tips to help you build your fire:

1. Gather plenty of tinder: dry pieces of twigs, paper, and cardboard are classic fire starters. Even better, natural resinous firewood, like our TinderSticks.

2. Make a small pile with the finest and driest of your tinder.

3. Add spark! For best results we recommend Light My Fire Swedish FireSteel fire starter or Swedish FireKnife

4. Once the fire is burning properly, make sure to feed it with regular supply of fuel. Start with small wood sticks, carve and be prepared to provide. As the flames subside, you can put on larger logs and sit back to enjoy the fire.

5. Don't forget water. We may have mastered the fire, but it is to be taken seriously. Have water ready, and always make sure that the fire is completely extinguished before you leave.

A fire for every occasion

Over time, man has developed different ways to build a fire and to keep it going. Each meeting a particular need, condition or occasion. Here are some you might want to try out.



A slow burner, the Teepee Fire is probably the most common way to build a fire, and perfect for roasting food. Place logs on end leaning against each other and make sure there is a generous supply of oxygen.



This is the perfect fire for cooking. Fast burning and bright, the Log Cabin Fire creates great embers but it tends to die quickly if not watched carefully. Build it as a log house around kindling. When burning steadily, add a "roof".



Ideal for emergencies as it is easy to build, and quickly produces light and heat. Build it solely with tinder and sprigs.



Small en quick, the Swedish Fire Torch is a perfect way to cook food or heat coffee when you are in a hurry. Build it as a small fore between anything clamp-like.



Protected from wind and view, the Dakota Fire Pit great when facing harsher weather conditions or when you don't want to reveal your presence. Can be dug down into the ground or into the side of a hill.



Stay warm all night long with this s-l-o-w burner. Spread the fire between two large logs. When there are embers, add wood, transversing branches, and another log.