The firewood is crackling, your hands and feet are warming up by the open fire as you enjoy nature’s scenery around you. Few things are more rewarding than that pause on your hike. An open fire enhances the experience and speaks to all senses - the smell, the crackling sound, the dance of the flames – it is truly enchanting.  

Add to the experience by mastering the art of cooking over an open fire. Upgrade your picnic food from wrapped up sandwiches to a delicious dining experience. Impress your hiking friends and lift everyone spirits as the adventure continous. 


5 handy tips for cooking over a campfire

  • Be brave. Challenge yourself with a carefully prepared meal outdoors. Make the meal a significant part of your adventure and let it take time.
  • Plan ahead. Think everything through thoroughly beforehand and make a list over tools and a condiments to pack. Be sure to bring something to sit on.
  • Prepare. Do your food prep at at home: slice, dice, marinate, and store everything neatly before you set out for your adventure.
  • The glow. Getting the perfect glow for your cooking takes time. Use a utensil to adjust the size of the glow as needed. Or never mind the glow and just put your pot directly over the fire.
  • Snacks. Bring or prepare simple but delicious snacks to nibble on while you wait for the main course.


Food over an open fire

Everything tastes better outside. There truly is nothing like a warm campfire meal after a couple of hours on the trail. Make sure to plan ahead and make it simple. You can cook almost anything over an open fire if you come prepared. Clean, cut and portion the food at home. Remove heavy glass jars and disposable packaging that can become rubbish. Bring cutlery, mugs, plates, water and seat pads.


Remember! Check the place in advance. Rules for firing look different for different places and times. And do build your fire on stones - they can crack.



Fire cooking gear

Be sure to bring the right equipment and tools. To find out that you’re missing a pot or a piece of cutlery when you’re far into woods does not make for an enjoyable pause.



  • Grill, pot or griddle – whatever suits your meal.
  • Dry firewood and something for lighting the fire. A firesteel works in all weathers.
  • Knife, tool for stirring the glow, a heat resistant glove or towel.


Tip! Grandpas FireGrill takes care of the sandwich, steak or fish!



What can you cook over an open fire?

Offer a boost of energy that warms up body and soul before the adventure continues. You can basically cook all the food you can cook at home, outdoors.


When it's cold outside, a steaming hot soup is hard to beat to warm your outdoor guests up. Freshly caught perch is delicious to grill, but bring alternatives if the fish doesn’t bite.


Make the world’s yummiest toast, homemade burgers, an omelette or mini pizza. A tapas-style buffet spread where everyone picks their own topping is great fun and makes everyone happy. Sundried tomatoes, mustard, ham, avocado, pesto, cheese – you decide.


Make a wok of what you have at home, heat up a musty stew or grill fish and veggies in foil packets. In our collection of recipes you will find Shakshuka, a tomatoe based spicy blend with eggs. Or try our skillet bread and porcini soup!


More recipes here!



Put out your fire with water, sand or dirt. Make sure it’s completely out before you leave.