More than a knife. More than a fire starter. Best of both.


Light My Fire presents the Swedish FireKnife BIO:a beautifully crafted, nature inspired multifunctionaltool, utilising sustainable materials to developa knife like no other.


Made from a bioplastic mix containing coconut shell fibres tocreate a magnificent experience of texture, look and naturalsmell. The Sandvik Steel 12C27 blade is 90% recycled steel,clean, strong and uncompromised.


The handle hides an all-weather-proof Swedish FireSteel capable of producing sparks for upto 3000 strikes at 5400°F/2980°C, lighting your fire in even the most testing environments.Easily replaced once worn, with a new refill, keeping your sparks bright and your fires burning.


The half tang blade gives extra strength when working with tough materials and greatfor splitting logs. The blades spine is ground to an angle designed to perfectly stroke themagnesium alloy FireSteel, resulting in precise and focussed sparks again and again. Users that favour the left hand can instead utilise the blade at its base, to perform this same action.


Made in, of and by Sweden, the Swedish FireKnife Bio is durable, reliable and presented in a timeless design. Everything you need whether cutting rope, shaving kindling orslicing apple for the kids.


CEO and owner of Light My Fire, Calill Odqvist Jagusch, said “We are on a journey toa fully circular economy. It’s all about balance. We are as committed to success as we are to the environment. In fact, to us they are one in the same. Using sustainablematerials, recycled by-products and biobased plastics throughout our range, we stay true to our goals, to our customers and to the spirit of Light My Fire”.


From camping in the mountains to trekking through sprawling forests. From grills in the park to picnics at the beach. Light fires, prepare meals, include the whole family and rediscover ancient skills with this superior knife made for all adventures big and small.


For every home, wherever you make it: the Swedish FireKnife Bio is yours, for a lifetime.


Available on lightmyfire.comAt the heart of our company we have one purpose; to create products that reconnect us with nature, wherever we are. We combine design and functionality with the joy of adventure and new experience. From lunch breaks in local parks, to meals whilst hiking in vast forests. From family grills in city gardens to cooking on the peaks of mountain ranges, our dream remains the same: To enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, to think of generations to come, toencourage the exploration of forgotten skills and to rediscover, the art of fire.




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