Light My Fire Presents Their Titanium Collection. Strong,Bold and Classic – Made in Sweden


With the Spork Titanium, Straw Titanium and the Spork’n Straw Titanium kit, we offer the unbreakable Titanium collection. These super utensils are the perfect reusable meal companions for trekking, traveling, festivals, grills and lunchbreaks alike.


Non-toxic, non-corrosive and no metallic taste, made from 100% Grade 2 Titanium guarantees the highest quality multifunctional utensils with unsurpassed durability and high tensile strength.


 The Titanium Spork, our iconic spoon-fork-and-knife-in-one combo, and Titanium Straw, designed for all your drinking, mixing and stirring needs, are not only great additions to any kitchen, kit or lunch box but are top alternatives to their outdated single use plastic counterparts.


These iconic products add value to any adventure and inspireadventure in others as unique gifts.


Light My Fires CEO, Calill Odqvist Jagusch said “The Titanium collection is a perfect example of Light My Fires commitment to sustainable design built to last. With the use of Titanium, we offer a timeless aesthetic that is up to the toughest of challenges. This collection meets the needs of our customers adventures whether grilling with the family on a sunny afternoon or trekking in the mountains in the most testingterritory. It’s about creating the best tools that are fit for purpose again and again.”


Light My Fire are also happy to announce their collaboration with Woolpower, Swedish wool undergarment and sock manufacturer, in the development of Light My Fire’s On-the-go Cutlery Case; the perfect way to carry your personal, sustainably made, reusable cutlery combinations in style. Made from recycled merino wool, taken from Woolpower’s garment production waste, this ruggedly sophisticated case is light, sturdy and beautifully presentable with anappearance suited to your needs whether dining at a restaurant or eating in the great outdoors.


Designed to hold several Sporks, Restraws or your own set of utensils in a clean, secure and smart way, the merino wool case is great for your lunch kit, picnic basket, briefcase, bag, backpack or inside pocket.


Proud to be made in, of and by Sweden, the Titanium collection and the On-the-go Cutlery Case offer unsurpassed durability and stylish functionality for a lifetime.

So, when life gets adventurous, get Titanium!


At the heart of our company we have one purpose; to create products that reconnect us with nature, wherever we are. We combine design and functionality with the joy of adventure and new experience. From lunch breaks in local parks, to meals whilst hiking in vast forests. From family grills in city gardens to cooking on the peaks of mountain ranges, our dream remains the same: To enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, to think of generations to come, to encourage the exploration of forgotten skills and torediscover, the art of fire.




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