Fire is a source of pure energy. It warms our bodies, cooks nourishing food, connects us with others and kindles our sense of belonging to nature. This primal source of energy is exactly what motivated us to bring MayaSticks to life.

Why MayaSticks?

MayaSticks are the embodiment of our brand ethos, a nod to simpler times when solutions were designed in harmony with nature. Launched in 1995, these sticks were the spark that ignited our brand.

But what makes MayaSticks truly special? The secret lies in their composition. Made from high-quality fatwood, a material naturally abundant in aromatic, waterproof resin, MayaSticks offer a series of advantages when it comes to lighting and sustaining a fire.

Fatwood is the natural byproduct of resin-soaked wood. The resin comes from the roots after the tree is harvested, serving as the tree's natural protection. If you're fortunate, you might come across a pine that has been struck by lightning. When this happens, the entire tree will be saturated with resin, extending all the way to the point where the tree was struck.

This particular fatwood comes from the stumps of a distinctive pine species in Honduras, known as Montezum and Caribea. This tree is impressive, growing almost three times larger than the Swedish pine in just 15-20 years and boasting up to 80% natural resin content, compared to the 30% in Swedish pine.

This natural, resin-rich wood outperforms commercial fire starters. A one-by-one-inch petroleum-based paraffin wax cube, for example, burns for up to eight minutes. MayaSticks can burn for up to 20 minutes and produce a significantly hotter flame. The burn time can vary slightly depending on the thickness of the sticks. These attributes make fatwood-based fire starters like MayaSticks a superior choice for prolonged and robust flames.

Bundle of eco-friendly MayaSticks fire starters placed in a lush camping environment, showcasing the natural waterproof resin.Bundle of eco-friendly MayaSticks fire starters placed in a lush camping environment, showcasing the natural waterproof resin.

How MayaSticks Improve Fire Starting

It's this high resin content in fatwood that makes MayaSticks so invaluable. Resin, rich in hydrocarbon, is highly flammable. When ignited, the resin in the fatwood acts as natural fuel, bolstered by its natural chemical compounds like terpenes. These compounds vaporize upon heating, creating a combustible gas when mixed with oxygen, that helps a fire burn for longer.

The benefits of the elevated resin percentage in MayaSticks allow you to:

  1. Ignite quickly: The lower ignition point of resin compared to plain wood allows MayaSticks to catch fire more quickly than plain wood.
  2. Burn longer: The resin, acting as a slow-burning fuel, allows the wood to burn for a more extended period, offering up to 20 minutes of flame compared to the shorter burn of conventional fire starters.
  3. Increase heat: With resin burning hotter than mere wood fiber, MayaSticks provide an efficient heat source.
  4. Repel water: Being hydrophobic, the resin repels water, making MayaSticks an essential fire-starter, even in damp environments.
  5. Experience better aroma: When MayaSticks are burning, the resin gives off a comforting, piney smell that adds to the fire's ambiance.
  6. Reduce kindling: Owing to its flammable nature, fewer MayaSticks are required to start a fire compared to other types of kindling.

Starting a Fire with MayaSticks is Easy

Learn how to start a fire with MayaSticks for your BBQ, camping or fireplace with this easy step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Prepare Your Fire Area

If you’re outside, make sure to clear debris from the area to prevent unwanted spread. Indoors, your fireplace already provides a safe, contained space.

Step 2: Shave or Light Your MayaStick

Firmly hold your MayaStick in one hand, using a sharp knife in the other to shave off thin, small pieces. If you’re using the Swedish FireKnife, you can also use the backside of the knife to create even smaller fire starter kindling. For an even easier start, you can light one entire MayaStick or multiple MayaSticks at a time.

Step 3: Place Your Shavings or Stick

Once you have your shavings, place them and one or two MayaSticks underneath your firewood. If your wood is larger or damp, you may need additional sticks to guarantee your fire starts.

Step 4: Light Your Fire

Use your FireKnife or FireSteel to make long and slow strikes at a 45-degree angle directly toward your shavings. The friction of the striker or knife against the FireSteel will create sparks to ignite the shavings or sticks. You can also use matches or a lighter.

Step 5: Build Your Fire

As your MayaSticks burn, they will ignite the surrounding firewood. Continue to add more firewood as needed, and enjoy the warmth and aroma of a natural burn!

MayaSticks are not only easy to light, but also burn with a robust, hot flame. They’re the perfect companion for anyone who appreciates the primal satisfaction of creating fire.

MayaSticks come in bundles with burnable paper, wooden crates or large boxes. They are essential for creating dependable flames. Whether you’re an outdoor cooking enthusiast, a camping aficionado or someone who enjoys the warmth of a fire at home, MayaSticks are your reliable fire-starting solution, anytime, anywhere.