StackPlate Kit BIO 4-pack

The only plate you’ll ever need. Here´s four, stackable and with an edge.
StackPlate Bio 4pcs Nature 4 sustainable, stackable, on-the-go plates with an edge. Best design, eco-friendly, StackPlate 4-pack. Perfect for picnics, days out, BBQ’s, parties, outdoor dining, and everyday use. A BPA free, biobased plastic kit, that makes eating on-the-go easy, convenient, and sustainable. These durable plates are triangular with a high edge, making them versatile for any type of meal. Super useful Spork holder in each plates rim keeps your favourite reusable utensil in place, freeing one hand without dropping the Spork. Easy to use, easy to pack, ideal for outnics of all kinds. Great for adults and kids alike. A brilliant kit to expand your eating out collection. 100% food approved, microwave and dishwasher safe. Made in Sweden. Made for life. Made for you.
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• Bring along friendly and stackable
• Includes handy CircBag for easy storage
• Easy to clean – no sharp corners
• Microwave safe
• Dishwasher safe
• BPA free
• Made in Sweden
• Made from Biobased Bioplastics

Material Features

Made from certified sugarcane with wood fiber based bioplastics.

Sustainable Features

Reusable, use again, again and again…
Biobased plastics have a unique advantage over conventional petroleum based plastic in the sense that the composition is made fully, or in part, from plants or other biological matter. Biodegradable plastics can also be partly or fully made from plants or other biological matter but can also be fossil based. The advantage with Biodegradable plastics is the materials potential to break down in certain environment such as compost. Most often though, this compost must be done in an industrial compost.

If you need a break from your meal there's a holder built in to the side of the plate. The Spork is is a spoon-fork-knife since it has a serrated edge on the side of the fork. This makes it versatile enough to use whether you are backpacking, having a picnic, or just grabbing some lunch to go. If you are using to cook in the backcountry know that it is safe to use with non-stick cookware.


200x200x25 mm

7,87x7,87x0,98 inches


304 g

10,724 oz

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