Harness BIO

Dieser 3-fach-Gurt stellt sicher, dass Ihr Essen dort bleibt, wo es soll.
Light My Fire Harness sorgt für Ordnung beim LunchKit und MealKit. Die dreiseitige Konstruktion hält alles straff zusammen – egal, wohin die Reise geht. Hergestellt aus strapazierfähigem, umweltfreundlichem, spülmaschinenfestem, biobasiertem TPE-Kunststoff. Mit diesem speziell entwickelten Gummihalter geht unterwegs nichts verloren und alles bleibt schön in Ordnung.
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Harness BIO


• Flexible und festsitzende Passform • Intelligentes 3-fach-Design • Frei von BPA • Hergestellt in Schweden • Hergestellt aus Biokunststoff auf biologischer Basis

Material Features

Sustainable Features

Reusable, use again, again and again…


170x150x5 mm

6,69x5,91x0,20 inches


27 g

0,952 oz

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At the heart of our company we have one purpose; to create products that reconnect us with nature, wherever we are. We combine design and functionality with the joy of adventure and new experience. From lunch breaks in local parks, to meals whilst hiking in vast forests. From family grills in city gardens to cooking on the peaks of mountain ranges, our dream remains the same: To enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, to think of generations to come, to encourage the exploration of forgotten skills and to rediscover, the art of fire.


Winters are long and summers are quite often chilly in Sweden. And yet, we Swedes love spending time outdoors, in the woods, on the beach, in the mountains. We’re blessed with a country that isn’t just breathtakingly beautiful and varied, it’s also open to everybody. This makes us very aware of nature - and the environment - from an early age. Swedish design has always been known for quality combined with functionality. At Light My Fire we’re doing our very best to continue this tradition and develop new exciting products that let you make the most of the outdoors, whether you’re in the city or far from civilization. Read more.


Sustainability may well be a buzzword but what does it actually mean? For Light My Fire the answer is simple. It is the potential to balance our needs and aspirations without the negative exploitation of the environment. A sustainable approach to materials, transportation, production, CSR, design and distribution creates a positive and vibrant business model where sustainability itself is a resource. Read more.