Invite your friends, family, or colleagues for a luxurious picnic!

We love picnics, and when it comes to outdoor dining, we are always happy to find new and exciting ways to make the meal an enjoyable experience for all.

A great way to start is to allocate one person responsible for planning and purchasing - then everyone else who wants to can get in and help. Food prep can create a sense of community and become a fun activity when everyone gets to contribute. An excellent tip for feeding a group of people is to invest in different foods everyone can taste. Think variety and small quantities so you can eat a little of each. Then the meal also becomes social - the various dishes invite conversation.

Spork-friendly food is always a keyword for us. Interested about the recipe for the picture above, check it out here

Don't be afraid to bring cold goods; there are great cooler bags, and you can feel at ease if you pack with some cold blocks. Wrap your refrigerated goods in newspaper to add an extra layer of insulation. A pasta salad is easy to bring and modify for everyones taste, here is our version of it. 

Make it beautiful. Bring a blanket to sit on, a tablecloth to display the food on, with matching cloth napkins. Lift the lid of the containers and decorate them with flowers, leaves, and berries that you find in nature or perhaps in a farm shop along the way. And do not forget something to drink, for example this lilac cordial.



1. Make your purchases on time to ensure you get what you want.
2. Prepare dishes in advance, put in the freezer, and take them out when it's time.
Gather inspiration for that little extra: table setting, decorations, and maybe some surprises.
4. Think about how to best pack what you need, minimize the amount of waste and avoid disposable products. Pack the things in the order they are to be eaten.
5. Portion packaging - having your own small box is lovely. The smaller portions can also serve as sharing dishes so everyone can taste a little bit of each.


1. When the day arrives, you are calm and have the situation under control. No stress!
2. Fill a bottle with water for hand washing; you may also want to pack hand sanitizer.
3. Bring a bag for rubbish.
4. Put the guests to work: pick flowers and leaves for decoration, pick up stones to weigh down the tablecloth, cut up fresh berries, pick shells to decorate with, and light a small fire to snuggle around.


1. Gather the guests and present the meal - like in a fine restaurant.
2. Take care of your guests - ask what they like, if they want more of something.
3. Take pictures. You can share these with the guests afterward as a memory, inspire others on social media or save them for your memories.


When the meal is over, you collect any leftover food in the lunch boxes to throw on the compost when you get home. Rinse with water. Collect rubbish in the garbage bag, throw it in the designated place, or take it home.

Now all that remains is to look forward to many happy "Thank you's."


You can find more recipes here!